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The WAN of the future is modular

Every company needs its own individual WAN. We put your network together in a modular fashion – using MPLS, internet, and ethernet

WAN as part of a digital modular system

A Wide Area Network (WAN) forms the neural pathways between a company’s different locations as well as the hotline to partners and cloud services. Digitization means a wide variety of applications are dependent on the WAN: networked machines, for example, transmit their status to the cloud, and employees work across sites using collaboration tools. The transport network therefore always needs to provide the right solution – whether MPLS, Internet or Ethernet, local or central cloud connectivity, fixed or cellular network.

MPLS provides a solid foundation for the WAN of the future

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An MPLS VPN transmits data quickly, reliably, and securely and is perfectly suited to serve as a core network for a WAN. Different technologies are used to connect locations and private and public clouds, based on requirements: MPLS, Internet, or Ethernet.

Until now, public clouds in particular have been networked with the WAN via the Internet. But the performance of Internet VPNs always depends on the current network load. For time-critical applications such as video conferencing, it’s worth ensuring extra-powerful cloud connectivity using MPLS or Ethernet.

T-Systems provides you with a managed WAN with an MPLS core network. The IntraSelect modular system meets all requirements for site networking, cloud connectivity, mobility, and extranets. Those operating within the trade sector can also use a managed WLAN.

A WAN for every need

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The demands placed on companies for a modern and stable WAN infrastructure are complex. T-Systems has four different WAN connection models to meet all individual needs:

IntraSelect Fixed Connect

Do you place high demands on connecting medium-sized and larger company locations? With Fixed Connect, we network your branch offices via MPLS or ethernet for high availability, high performance, and high security. Internet access is also possible. You can also connect different locations to the WAN using cellular networking.

IntraSelect Cloud Connect

Would you prefer an independent cloud connection away from the public Internet? With IntraSelect Cloud Connect, you get a direct and private connection between the company’s MPLS network and the cloud access of the corresponding cloud service provider.
Depending on your needs and/or applications, an Ethernet or Internet connection to the cloud is also possible.

IntraSelect Remote Connect

We also have the right solution for smaller branch offices, such as home offices, mini locations, and mobile employees: secure access to the WAN via an encrypted Internet connection.

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Connectivity success stories

No digitization is possible without a stable WAN

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Our MPLS core network transmits approximately 4,047,000 gigabytes per day around the globe. If all this data were to be burned on DVDs and the covers placed next to each other, the line would cover a distance greater than from Berlin to Rio de Janeiro. T-Systems’ managed WAN offers maximum availability of up to 99.99 percent, a large number of points of presence, and a high degree of reliability. We are constantly working to expand our global network of around 300,000 kilometers of optical fiber, and to integrate network innovations within it. T-Systems currently manages over 2,500 MPLS VPNs and 2,700 MPLS PoPs for around 210,000 service points worldwide. In addition to expanding our own network, we also work with large and reliable network operators worldwide.

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