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High speed towards digital transformation

Corona has shown: digitalization can also happen quickly. How much can be done in 50 days? Let's find out

Adel Al-Saleh: "Many businesses have done things in a quick, new and unique way"

What do companies have to do to accelerate digitalization and move their business forward coming out of the crisis? This was the topic of a talk given by T Systems CEO Adel Al Saleh on July 15 at the Digital Days, the online event hosted by Hannover Messe. Technology was just one of four answers to the question.

Our case studies: digital working, processes and more in between 2 and 50 days.

Accelerate Digital Now – with Speed & Agility (recorded online seminar)

How can digitization create stability and growth? Experts from IDC and T-Systems share insights on digital trends and priorities, along with learnings from the Corona Warn App to boost your digital transformation.

Accelerate digital working

In the past few months, the digitalization of the working world has taken a massive leap forward. Nevertheless, in many companies there is still a lot to be done with regard to Work 4.0. Are you also looking for qualified employees in spite of the skills shortage? Do you want to benefit from the flexibility and efficiency of the digital office? Discover our digital offers and implement new forms of working today.

Digitalize your organization

It's not only the world of work that is changing during the corona crisis. Digital technologies such as the cloud have also received a boost. Take advantage of this and address new challenges, such as IT security for decentralized IT systems, for example. We will help get your digital transformation moving at full speed: with these offers, you can quickly bring your business into the digital world.

Rethink your supply chain

Supply chains must work seamlessly, even in times of crisis. Comprehensive digitalization of your supply chain gives you greater transparency, efficiency, and flexibility. This can also help you to minimize the effects of a crisis. Take advantage of our offer now and digitalize your supply chain.

Can't see an offer that's right for you?

We would be glad to create a personalized offer for your 50-day challenge – entirely adapted to your requirements. Get in touch.

A huge step forward in digital working, supply chain, and organization in 50 days

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Being quick and agile has been crucial in the last few months, especially for the world of work. But the digitalization of supply chains and entire organizations will help us be more resilient and successful, today as well as in the future. With this in mind, let's turn the challenges of this crisis into an opportunity for digital development. We want to retain this momentum and keep pushing the transformation forward. So as to strengthen your business.

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