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How cloud adoption drives rapid growth for businesses in Asia

A growing number of companies are turning to the cloud. Don't get left behind.

14 July 2021

Making the most of the cloud’s transformative benefits

Businesses are under increasing pressure to find cost savings, increase innovation, reduce risk, and raise revenues—and a growing number are turning to the cloud. 

About 5% of the average IT budget now goes towards cloud services, according to research by Boston Consulting Group and Amazon Web Services (AWS). By 2023, this could go up to 10%. The study also finds that Asia-Pacific companies are migrating to the cloud at a faster rate than counterparts in the Western Europe or the US. 

While bigger companies with deeper pockets may find it easier to hop on the cloud train, smaller companies also stand to gain just as much, if not more. Here are four companies of varying sizes that are making the most of the cloud’s transformative benefits.

High-tech harvest: Vietnam’s Cua Dat Farm

Man at work in the field

Da Lat in Vietnam is home to Cua Dat Farm, one of the first farms in the country to start using internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing

Although it occupies over 220 hectares, productivity had been relatively low because of an unpredictable climate and the meager returns of traditional farming methods. 

In 2016, Cua Dat started using IoT to automate irrigation, humidity control, camera systems, drones, and other sensors. Data gathered from various processes were then sent to the cloud and turned into actionable insights. Analytics gave the farmers better visibility over production status and performance, and automation gave them more time to focus on other tasks like managing the farm and ensuring product quality.

Three years after its technological turn, Cua Dat had slashed operation costs by 16%, increased yield by 12%, raised sales value by 25%, and cut emissions and operations waste by up to 30%. 

Scaling healthcare: Indonesia’s Mitra Keluarga

A cloud hovers over the hand of a doctor.

Mitra Keluarga (MIKA) operates close to 3,000 beds across 25 hospitals, employing over 7,700 medical staff and serving about 2.9 million patients every year. 

Its previous clinical IT system—a traditional on-premise infrastructure—was prone to downtimes and significantly disrupted patient administration and care. 

MIKA needed a more stable, robust, and scalable infrastructure to ensure continuous service—one they could find on the cloud. To handle the migration, the group tapped on T-Systems’ capabilities to plan and manage the entire process. This entailed building the new infrastructure on AWS Cloud in Singapore, which included setting up the network, migrating the SAP and non-SAP systems, and establishing secure access through multi-factor authentication, password policies, and centralised management of identity and access. 

This new infrastructure runs on SUSE Linux, an enterprise-grade operating system built on top of the open-source Linux kernel. 
Even in the middle of a global pandemic, the entire migration process took just three months, from February to April 2020, without any downtimes. Now, MIKA enjoys a more reliable IT system that’s always available, and is flexible and scalable enough to accommodate future growth.

Enabling brighter futures across Asia: Singapore’s Tueetor

Woman and child learning on tablet

Lower-income families in Singapore often can’t afford to pay for the tutoring their children need. Tueetor, a cloud-based platform for matching tutors and students, hopes to make quality education more affordable and accessible.

This small startup had big dreams: they wanted to scale to markets outside of Singapore. To achieve this, the company went with a suite of cloud solutions that allowed them to set up, operate, and scale their database; store their data safely; and monitor and optimise their applications.

From just 500 tutors and trainers, Tueetor now has over 16,000 educators and 50,000 student users every month across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. They’ve also expanded their class offerings and launched a 24/7 on-demand homework assistance service called “10-Minute Tutor” that matches students with tutors in under two minutes and costs S$10 for 10 minutes. 

Fast-tracking sales: Thailand’s SmartCost 

From a single manual sandpaper stamping machine in 2004, SmartCost now has 850 factories, 650 car body shops, and over 1,500 B2B customers across Thailand. 

The company, which sells industrial tools and abrasives like sandpaper and sanding belts, initially relied on Google Sheets to keep track of sales, products, workflows, and everything else. As the company grew, so did their data management needs; their in-house customer relationship management (CRM) system wasn’t fast and flexible enough to allow the company to scale. 

By moving from Google Sheets to a cloud-hosted sales and analytics platform, SmartCost managed to boost productivity, systematise the sales process, help employees collaborate, and give management a clearer view of activities. This directly led to a 50% increase in revenues, 40% better lead conversions, and a 30% rise in service level metrics.

Choosing the right cloud enablement partner

Whether you’re aiming to scale to new markets or just looking to optimise operations, the cloud can be a fast, flexible, and reliable solution for your company. 

Not all cloud solutions are created equal; to assess what will work well for you, it’s best to consult trusted providers that have an extensive range of products and services. T-Systems, for instance, offers cloud and IT infrastructure, IoT and smart technologies and digital transformation for industries, among other solutions.

By working with reliable partners, you’ll make sure that your digital transformation is professionally managed, and your company’s full potential is realised.

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