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Clariant: a successful start with SAP

All business-critical SAP core applications from Clariant run on infrastructures operated by T-Systems

Fail-safe production of specialty chemicals

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A flexible IT landscape is necessary for the continuing success of innovative solutions. Clariant, a producer of specialty chemicals, has therefore been working successfully with T-Systems as their partner for SAP services, non-SAP services, and security services for 20 years. Thanks to the highly available SAP, infrastructure, and security services, the controlling IT systems for planning, work preparation, raw material supply, production, and delivery run fail-safe around the clock.

Bernd Ehret – Clariant

Over the many years with T-Systems, we have been very satisfied and very well set up. The next major joint SAP project will definitely be the S/4 migration. We will also rely on T-Systems for cloud services.

Bernd Ehret, Head of Global IT Application Development, Clariant 

The challenge

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As one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant depends on fail-safe, flexible IT systems, as production runs around the clock. And it has to, otherwise many industries worldwide would face massive problems. Aviation, agriculture, consumer goods, healthcare, and many more all purchase innovative chemicals from Clariant. Two years after Clariant was created from the spin-off of the Sandoz chemicals division, T-Systems Switzerland was commissioned in 1997 primarily to operate the SAP systems. The IT landscape had to be adapted accordingly again and again in the following years. By moving the data center to the DCS 3.0 platform in 2016, the company reached a new level of reliability and flexibility. Proprietary hardware and the associated costs were a thing of the past. Instead, Clariant has since been procuring SAP services as required. The high level of satisfaction and economic factors led to the recent, early contract extension in 2018.

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The solution

T-Systems now operates the infrastructures of all core SAP applications critical to Clariant's business, such as inventory management, warehousing, and logistics. SAP basis services make up around 90 percent of the total package. In addition, there are 93 HANA databases, SAP archiving services, non-SAP services, and security services. Clariant benefits from fail-safe operation and a high level of standardization, which also enables rapid adjustments in times of transformation. Another major advantage is the high cost efficiency of the overall solution, not least thanks to the easy-to-access services without the need to make investments.

About Clariant AG

As one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant AG from Switzerland, with around 17,900 employees, makes an important contribution to value creation for customers in a wide range of industries with innovative, sustainable solutions. The business units are subdivided into three divisions: care chemicals, natural resources, catalysis.

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