Innovation Center Munich

Innovation Center Munich

Experience the newest technologies

T-Systems offers visitors to its Innovation Center Munich (ICM) a first-hand look at state-of-the-art information and communications technology (ICT) solutions in an environment that reflects real-world conditions. The aim is to allow participants to experience and understand the latest developments and trends up close.
The Innovation Center offers visitors the chance to combine existing solutions with cutting-edge innovations, to participate in hands-on presentations and to speak directly with the experts. All of this takes place in a dynamic, high-tech workshop environment with ample time to discuss new ideas and questions. Business professionals are provided with an overview of our portfolio and cutting-edge innovations. They can test-drive technologies and discuss the ideas and solutions that fit their specific needs. 

Showcasing the latest technology

With advance notice, T-Systems can present any relevant portfolio element at the Innovation Center in the scope of a showcase. The range of showcases constantly changes depending on the level of development. As this unique facility is based at a data center, visitors can book a tour in advance and gain unique insights into live operations. 

Made-to-measure experience

Productive discussions require an appropriate amount of time and a conducive atmosphere. The Innovation Center was designed with this in mind. It has an attractive lounge area and catering is available, helping to create the ideal conditions to work efficiently and creatively. Each visit is organized in conjunction with the corresponding account manager and geared to specific needs of the business. Topics and speakers are agreed in advance. This approach ensures we identify the customer’s imperatives, and tailor the Innovation Center experience accordingly. 


The Innovation Center is in the Euro Industrial Park, in the Freimann district of Munich. It is located directly within one of T-Systems‘ largest data centers – making it the perfect place to experience real-world operations first-hand. 


The Innovation Center is primarily for existing and potential customers. Experience has shown that the best results are achieved in groups with a maximum of 20 participants. 


A key focus is direct interaction within the scope of innovation workshops. New ideas, prototypes, solutions and projects can best be developed through open dialog with our customers, business and research partners.