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Experience everything anew 

Combine perspectives through a seamless state-of-the-art user experience for customers, employees and partners

The next step in user experience

Whether it’s employees, customers or partners – users no longer think like they did 20 years ago, when Internet use still required a lots of flexibility, and often tolerance to frustration as well. Today, companies are increasing their focus on customer satisfaction for their applications and are offering up their services as tasty morsels. Modern users are always online, highly connected and used to simplicity. They value an attractive design in the applications they use, as well as high user-friendliness, quick response times and brand transparency. Furthermore, users want an uninterrupted and consistently positive end-to-end experience across different access points and regions.

For companies, this now means they need to rethink their strategy around a modern customer experience (CX). Organizations need to transform the customer experience to achieve full flexibility between services and systems and create intuitive experiences that adapt to user needs instead of forcing them to adapt. In this way, companies can both reinforce the commitment of employees and build lasting relationships with customers and partners through a satisfactory user experience.

Provide a seamless user experience

Companies must focus on creating more attractive experiences at every customer touch point. Create seamless end-to-end processes that are particularly close to users at each stage. With different intelligent technologies, these plans can be put into practice. Cloud-based e-commerce, mobile apps, sales and service automation, content marketing, high-performing intelligence and CRM systems support a personalised experience. 

In this way, your company can not only survive, but grow and unleash the full potential of all users. Make employees into pioneers and customers into champions.

Delivering digital change

Wondering how experience-led transformation can work in your industry? Our reference guide collects stories from different markets and territories, showing how organisations gained flexibility and decision-making capability through digitalisation.

Streamline the service experience

A service-oriented model starts with your own teams. Too often, they face obstacles such as fragmented processes, siloed and inaccessible data, or repetitive manual tasks inflating workloads. Removing these difficulties will free up talented staff to innovate and design the connected services that customers demand.

Transform your business with T-Systems’ comprehensive digital tools, from initial consultation to customer journey mapping, process optimisation and change management. Move to a software-as-a-service model and make the most of existing enterprise software, such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

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Want to get your experience transformation underway? Our suite of multimedia services is designed for digitalisation that achieves real results. Get started today.

Transform smartly with T-Systems

The right tools and partners can enable digitalisation and maximise the upsides – turning experience transformation from a worry into an opportunity.

At T-Systems, we act as partners in transformation, helping businesses identify and realise short-term and long-term wins. Our multimedia solutions are built to address every stage of the customer journey, complemented by best-in-class business solutions. What’s more, we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but instead tailor our solutions to you using a rigorous framework supported by industry-specific knowledge. Your experience will be as positive as your customers.

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