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Digital communication infrastructure solutions

Reliable public transport digital communication systems improve connectivity, convenience, and security

Empowering the future of transport with digital communication infrastructure

Digital communication infrastructure is indispensable in shaping the future of transport, and T-Systems stands as a key enabler in this transformative journey. In an increasingly connected world, efficient and reliable communication systems are the backbone of modern transportation networks. From coordinating real-time traffic data and ensuring passenger safety to facilitating intermodal connectivity and enabling autonomous vehicles, the importance of robust digital communication cannot be overstated.

T-Systems’ customised solutions for interconnectivity and innovation

T-Systems offers tailored solutions that harness the power of digital communication infrastructure. Our expertise in PMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio) consulting, radio planning, and 5G campus networks ensures connectivity and optimal resource utilisation in the transport sector. We empower transportation providers with highly scalable and secure communication solutions, enabling them to stay at the forefront of innovation while enhancing operational efficiency, passenger experiences, and overall sustainability. With T-Systems as your partner, you can navigate the evolving landscape of transportation with confidence, knowing that your digital communication infrastructure is equipped for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


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T-Systems solutions: pioneering urban mobility’s digital communication revolution

In the face of a daunting challenge, T-Systems orchestrated a remarkable transformation in urban mobility. Tasked with installing an entirely new digital communication technology for one of the top German public services companies while integrating it into ongoing operations, T-Systems delivered a game-changing solution: TETRA BOS radio technology. A robust trunked radio system capable of transmitting both voice and data across a dedicated local radio network. This innovative network was integrated into Munich’s existing metro control system, responsible for managing 94 subway stations and coordinating every train’s movement, keeping staff informed. This endeavour brought exceptional reliability as TETRA radio technology operated independently of internet and mobile communications. It became the conduit for transmitting vital information such as deployment plans, delay and early arrival messages, and content displayed on information boards. The result was a significant improvement in public transport, characterised by smoother operations, enhanced customer service, and a demonstrated track record of success in cities like Bochum, Dortmund, and Nuremberg. Our technical expertise plays a pivotal role in shaping the modernisation and integration of urban mobility control systems.

Orchestrating innovation in complex transport systems

In the ongoing journey to modernise transport systems, T-Systems excels in designing and developing digital solutions tailored to the demands of new trains, integrating radio technology with on-board computer software within a complex system environment. We meticulously control and integrate various subcontractors and ensure the harmonious fusion of radio technology with the system components of the new G1-type trains, prioritising high availability and securing regulatory approvals. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, including the train manufacturer, and system component suppliers, we design robust digital solutions that incorporate cutting-edge hardware and software components. Our implementation includes highly available on-board computers with a fallback concept, rigorous system and integration tests, and unwavering support during test operations. The results are transformative: a stable, modern solution with training and documentation, operational reliability, regulatory approval readiness, efficient spare parts planning, and a holistic approach that positions T-Systems as your comprehensive, one-stop solution provider.

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