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Transforming transportation with smart station and vehicle solutions

Harnessing AI and IoT for workload management, object and threat detection, and vehicle IoT integration

Transforming transportation: smart stations and smart vehicles innovations

In the dynamic landscape of transportation, the convergence of cutting-edge technologies is reshaping the way we perceive smart stations and smart vehicles. These innovative solutions, driven by AI-based workload management, object detection, threat detection, and seamless vehicle IoT integration, are revolutionising the efficiency, safety, and interconnectedness of our transportation systems. Explore with T-Systems to find out how these advancements are poised to redefine the future of mobility.

Why T-Systems for transformative public transport solutions?

T-Systems is poised to be a pivotal partner in the development of smart vehicle solutions for public transport in Europe and beyond. Leveraging our extensive expertise in data, AI, IoT solutions, connectivity, and digitalisation, we can provide comprehensive support in designing and implementing cutting-edge smart vehicle systems. Our solutions encompass real-time data analytics, vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity, and passenger information systems, all aimed at enhancing safety, efficiency, and passenger experiences. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, T-Systems is well equipped to collaborate with transportation authorities and companies to usher in the future of intelligent and interconnected public transport systems globally.

Intelligent train stations of the future

A digital train station gathers and analyses data in real time, enables dynamic passenger information, and steers processes in an intelligent manner.

Our success stories and further information

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AI-powered software: revolutionising new mobility concepts

In the quest for innovative intermodal transportation solutions, the emergence of self-driving minibuses presents the challenge of stringent transportation safety monitoring, alongside the critical need for compliance with data privacy laws. To address these imperatives, T-Systems offers Computervision – an AI-driven object recognition solution that facilitates real-time video data analysis on board. It anonymises the data, allowing transmission to the customer’s back-end system or optionally to the Open Telekom Cloud, with an accompanying dashboard for comprehensive historical and real-time analyses. This solution significantly enhances safety within autonomous, on-demand mobility services, all while ensuring the utmost data privacy compliance.

Empowering U.S. transit companies: a safe public transport solution

In the face of various challenges, including a significant decrease in passengers and rising operating costs, U.S. mass transit companies need a swift solution. T-Systems offers an effective remedy: the implementation of temperature scanners in buses and office buildings, along with a dedicated app for potential infection detection. These independent systems, featuring Android 8-inch tablets, swiftly restore passenger confidence and prevent revenue losses. This efficient set-up, realised in about 40 days, not only supports the adaptation to the “new normal” but also ensures minimal maintenance and follow-up expenses, highlighting T-Systems’ commitment to assisting local transport companies and their passengers. While the direct impact of the pandemic has decreased, the application of such a solution continues to have far-reaching effects on public health and safety in public transport.

The digital train station can benefit greatly from a few expansions

Travel, stopping for a bite to eat, shopping. Different needs are encountered in train stations. Larger volumes of passengers in existing areas need to be balanced with a relaxing stopover. Our set of manageable expansions to the existing technology, such as cameras, IT-based object recognition, and WiFi access adjusts several parameters at once. It is possible to minimise facility management costs, optimise space management, and allow passenger routes to be managed more effectively. They effortlessly guarantee service, safety, cleanliness, and seamless processes.

T-Systems empowers urban mobility with on-board unit integration

T-Systems is driving the transformation of urban mobility by seamlessly integrating on-board units into over 750 trams and buses. These on-board units, alongside the innovative on-board app AssisT, facilitate real-time passenger information, ticket validation, and driver communication with the control centre. This technology is a game-changer for transport operators in cities like Dortmund (DSW21), Bochum (Bogestra), and Herne/Castrop-Rauxel (HCR/Castrop-Rauxel), enhancing the passenger experience and enabling data collection for insightful big data analyses. With a modular software architecture that extends its utility to bus stops and beyond, T-Systems is poised to revolutionise urban transportation well beyond the German market.

Station management

Efficient station management is crucial for the seamless operation of transportation hubs, encompassing various critical systems like lifts, escalators, and fire alarms. T-Systems offers a comprehensive solution to simplify station management by consolidating these disparate systems into one centralised platform. With our expertise, we enable the efficient control and monitoring of the entire station ecosystem, ensuring optimal functionality, safety, and responsiveness. T-Systems provides the tools and technology to streamline station operations, enhance passenger experiences, and ensure the reliability of critical infrastructure.

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