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SAP application management & modernization

Modernize & automate your SAP application landscape with our holistic framework, end-to-end managed services, and tools

Next-generation SAP application management under a single governance model

Enterprises need the agility to adapt to changing market requirements. Automation is core to contemporary application management: increasing operational efficiencies, improving user experiences, and reducing costs. A lack of tools – specifically accelerators – is a common barrier to automation. Our model includes everything you need to modernize and extends to non-SAP applications that integrate with or complement your SAP landscape.

A future-fit approach to SAP application management and modernization

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Ambition 4.0 is our ITIL-based SAP application management and modernization framework. We apply 20 years of experience, proven knowledge of SAP, and learnings from other clients.

The framework is in four stages:

  1. Transition – Laying the foundations for automation and agile DevOps and DevSecOps, leveraging AI, machine learning, and data analytics
  2. Accelerate – Your framework for continuous service improvements, focusing on user and cloud-centric enhancements
  3. Innovate - Speeding digitalization projects with a bi-modal model
  4. Simplification – robust governance and lean practices approach

End-to-end SAP application management services that deliver lasting value

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Our approach stems from six value creators:

  • Speed – Operational agility, for faster time to market
  • Future-ready – Using technologies like zero-touch automation and DevOps methodologies to fine-tune your SAP landscape
  • Outcome-driven – SLAs and KPIs that focus on innovation
  • Scalability – A core-flex factory model, enabled by industrialized accelerators
  • Digital transformation – Driving innovation with SAP data insights or adapting R&D, production, and delivery to optimize supply chains
  • Zero business disruption – Problem management that eliminates failure and outages with the zero outage principle

Automating your SAP environment to achieve measurable benefits and cost savings

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We can automate business processes and IT support activities for each application. From automating simple tasks like changing user password to complex role management, automation is the future of application management, here & now.

Benefit from 100+ automation solutions and 10+ industrialized, native SAP accelerators. We also deliver SAP automation with integrated home-grown accelerators. Accelerators increase the automation of your SAP environment, reduce manual effort, and improve quality. Our toolkit of ready-to-run solutions includes a bot management platform and mature methodologies and processes. 

Questions? We’re here to help.

We can assist in simplifying and automating your IT operations, modernizing your SAP applications, and delighting your users and stakeholders. If you have any questions about our SAP managed services, do get in touch!

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