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Robust cyber resilience: Modern data backup

A next-generation cyber recovery solution, designed by Dell, managed by T-Systems

Adding a new line behind the “last line of defence”

Traditionally, data backups are the “last line of defence.” But what happens when your backup is compromised by a cyber attack and your final line of defence is crossed? Contemporary threats demand new cyber resilience strategies, including more effective disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Dell’s Cyber Recovery Vault data protection solution rapidly isolates business-critical data from attack surfaces and flags anomalies.

A new threat landscape needs a unique data backup solution

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As cyber crime and cyber warfare outpace cyber security defences, every organisation must be prepared for the inevitability of a successful cyber attack. Dell’s Cyber Recovery Vault transforms how data is managed and protected and is vital for ensuring the recoverability and integrity of critical assets. Now, the threat landscape need not be an inhibitor to digital transformation. The Cyber Recovery Vault offers two distinct advantages:

  • An automated operational air gap that ensures data syncs for backup over the briefest possible time
  • Data is analysed in the vault and anomalies flagged

Robust cyber resilience

Find out how off-site disconnected backups, air-gapped data backup architecture and state-of-the-art encryption can protect your data backups.

Modernise your data backups

Would you like to learn more about a unique data backup protection solution that not only isolates your critical data faster but analyses it? Would you like to gain a competitive advantage with a more robust cyber resilience strategy? Get in touch!

How does the Cyber Recovery Vault work?

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The Dell Cyber Recovery Vault operates in four steps:

  1. Data from critical applications syncs through an air gap, which is unlocked by the management server into the vault and replicated. The air gap is immediately re-locked.
  2. A copy of the data is made. Vault retention times are configurable.
  3. The data is retention locked to further protect it from accidental or intentional deletion.
  4. Applying machine learning, the data is analysed for any usual patterns or activity and automatically flagged.

Monitoring and reporting are also provided from the vault and can be shared in various secure methods.

What organisations should deploy the Cyber Recovery Vault?

Dell’s Cyber Recovery Vault is ideal for all sizes of organisations and industry types. It is suitable for any scenario as it receives backups from any source, from on-premises to data centres to multiple clouds. T-Systems manages the solution on behalf of our client organisations, founded on a solid twenty-year partnership with Dell. The Cyber Recovery Vault is available as a standalone service or included in T-Systems’ broader managed services portfolio.

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