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The signs point to quantum computing

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Recognising opportunities and leveraging potential

Quantum computers offer immense potential for new approaches in quantum chemical simulation, optimisation, and machine learning. Yet the potential use of this technology comes with challenges: companies struggle to identify promising use cases or find specialist experts, and they face limited access to the necessary infrastructure as well as the problem of developing realistic strategies for implementation.

Quantum strategy: no time to lose

The quantum landscape is altogether more complex than that of traditional computers. There are different quantum algorithms and design principles, and it is hard to know which approach will deliver the best results in the future. For interested quantum enthusiasts and early adopters, this means investing time and resources in numerous technologies to experiment and learn. But it is worth mentioning here: once the technology has made a breakthrough in the corporate environment, there is little scope for latecomers to catch up. This makes it all the more important to start thinking about tomorrow’s quantum strategy today.


Your quantum computing professionals

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Bringing quantum computing to the masses

T-Systems recognises these hurdles and is committed to overcoming them with the help of customer-oriented and technology-independent services around the T-Systems quantum cloud. Our focus is on promoting the widespread introduction of quantum technology and providing companies of all sizes with access to this technology. Our collaborative approach, flexible pricing, various usage models, and the development of proof-of-concepts aim to significantly lower the entry barriers. In this way, we enable companies to master the complexity of quantum computing with confidence.

Our usage models for all cases

At T-Systems, we take this approach into account by offering a pay-as-you-go model with Quantum as a Service (QaaS), where only units that are used are billed. The more comprehensive offering includes platforms, algorithms, and services, such as the seamless and secure integration of classic, hybrid, and genuine quantum systems into single or multi-cloud systems. In this way, we create the right individual usage model for quantum computing for every company. This allows the technology to be integrated into day-to-day operations and promotes innovation and growth.

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