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Digital solutions for healthcare

Digital networking can help to ensure quality and affordability in healthcare in the future too

Connected healthcare: raising efficiency, lowering costs

Advances in medicine, an aging society, rising costs – the healthcare sector is facing major challenges. To counter them, e-health solutions are playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare system. T-Systems is your partner for connected healthcare and supports you in meeting digital requirements – from e-health services and data exchange between physicians to cyber security for hospital systems.

Better services for patients through digital innovation

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Healthcare costs continue to rise year after year. As a result, clinics and doctors are confronted with having to reduce costs, but at the same time are expected to provide more services. Meanwhile, patients are increasingly expected to take their health into their own hands. T-Systems supports all those involved with networked solutions, not only health insurance companies and hospitals, but also in telemedicine, telematics, care, fitness, and prevention. The goal is to continue to ensure quality and affordability in the healthcare system in the future.

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More telemedicine, less bureaucracy

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Digitalization optimizes all areas of the healthcare system: with powerful software solutions, doctors can, for example, access electronic patient data such as doctor's letters, findings, or laboratory reports securely and remotely via tablets in just a few seconds. Digital services such as the hospital app connect doctors, nurses, and patients and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy. The Internet of Things opens up completely new possibilities for hospitals, from shortened work processes to the operation of medical equipment. Telemedicine solutions such as digital medication plans and virtual consultations improve efficiency, cost effectiveness, and patient safety in medical care. Patients who are chronically ill can have their health data monitored from a distance and thus save time and money. Networked systems can also help the elderly to lead their lives as they wish within their own four walls – for example by using health sensors that set off an alarm in an emergency.

Connected healthcare

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