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The future of automotive

Solving the automotive industry’s key challenges with innovation

Driving the automotive digital transformation

The automotive sector is undergoing rapid transformation. From electric vehicles to autonomy, from classic to new challenger OEMs, innovations are reshaping how we engineer, manufacture, and interact with automobiles, promising a future of sustainability, safety, comfort, and connectivity. Find out how T-Systems empowers the automotive value chain as a trusted partner for digital transformation.



Connected Mobility Hypercube

Your fast track to accelerated software innovation, reliable operations, and deep insights into vehicle and driver data.

In-Car Software

T-Systems develops software for connected cars, electric cars and autonomous driving.

Managing vehicle development with Future Engineering

The mutual dependence of mechanical and electronic systems requires new agile development methods.

Industrial metaverse with NVIDIA Omniverse

With NVIDIA Omniverse, automotive companies are opening themselves up to entirely new possibilities.

Automotive Security

Comprehensive protection against cyber attacks over the entire life cycle of the vehicle is becoming a must.

Managed EDI Services

Efficient business processes – data interchange in all formats with various ecosystems from the private cloud

AI in Automotive

How AI is driving innovation and efficiency across the entire automotive value chain.


Success stories

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Discover how to leverage digital technologies and modernise your business strategy. Access our large pool of automotive digitalisation experts and technology-driven business consultants to get ahead of the competition.

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