Public transport, railway's digital maintenance

Advanced public transport digital maintenance solutions

Enhance efficiency and reliability with digital asset maintenance, smart depots, and smart workshops

Digital maintenance with cutting-edge solutions

In today’s fast-paced railway industry, staying ahead requires innovative solutions. Our comprehensive suite of maintenance technologies is designed to transform your rail operations. With predictive maintenance, anticipate and prevent equipment failures, reducing downtime substantially. Optimise your depots with Smart Depot solutions, increasing throughput and accuracy. Embrace remote maintenance for efficient inventory management, immersive training with AR and VR, and the power of digital twins. It’s time to elevate efficiency and reliability in transport maintenance.

Predictive maintenance shortfalls

In the rail and public transport industry, the challenge lies in mitigating the unpredictability of equipment failures. Current systems often lack the capability to anticipate and prevent these disruptions effectively, resulting in costly downtime. While present systems are helpful, they are not robust enough to anticipate and prevent these breakdowns effectively. Therefore, it is crucial to address this challenge and harness advanced technologies and data-driven approaches in finding solutions to enhance predictive maintenance capabilities.


Efficiency gaps in depot management

Depot management represents a significant challenge within the rail industry. The complexity of operations, particularly in depot settings, often results in inefficiencies that can adversely affect the entire rail network. These inefficiencies primarily revolve around storage and routing, where current systems struggle to optimise processes adequately. Suboptimal throughput and operational errors can result, impacting service reliability and profitability. The challenge facing rail operators is clear: to bridge these efficiency gaps.

Rail and public transport remote maintenance

In the domains of both rail and public transport, remote maintenance brings forth significant hurdles. Efficiently managing inventory, ensuring the effectiveness of AR/VR solutions, and seamlessly integrating digital twins remain paramount challenges. The solution lies in the embrace of cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes. Leveraging drones for inventory control reduces manual labour while enhancing precision. Implementing immersive AR/VR solutions elevates training and maintenance procedures for both rail and public transit networks. The use of digital twins creates virtual replicas for precise issue resolution, ultimately reshaping operations in both domains, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

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