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Your digitalisation partner with industry expertise

Reliability, security and sovereignty of digital business models through end-to-end IT services 

Leading European IT Services Provider

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary is headquartered in Germany and has a presence in Europe, as well as in selected core markets and strategic production locations. T-Systems can provide a global production and supply chain to companies operating worldwide.

Industry-specific end-to-end solutions

T-Systems offers integrated end-to-end IT solutions, driving the digital transformation of companies in all industries and the public sector. T-Systems’ focus industries are automotive, the public sector, healthcare and transport. For these areas, T-Systems develops industry-specific solutions – so-called vertical applications.

Holistic cloud and software services

The comprehensive portfolio of services includes the secure operation of traditional IT infrastructures, migration to private cloud and public cloud environments of hyperscalers, as well as the management of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. T-Systems integrates customised platforms, industry-specific applications and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and blockchain into these infrastructures. To achieve this, the Telekom subsidiary works closely with leading global technology partners. The end-to-end services also include state-of-the-art security solutions and data protection in accordance with DSGVO requirements.

Advisory: rethinking value creation

The technology and industry experts at T-Systems and its consulting subsidiary Detecon advise companies on their path to digital transformation. Together with customers, they design a modern, future-proof IT landscape. This also includes the implementation and, if required, the subsequent operation and further development of the IT infrastructure. The Detecon consultants specialise in the entire spectrum of industry-specific digitalisation – from innovation and prototyping to the implementation of smart solutions. 

Recognising and tapping technology potential

Technologies are only one side of the coin. Many things are technically feasible. But IT trends and hype do not always fit a company’s business model and strategy. After all, innovation is not only a question of infrastructure, connectivity, and application landscape, but also of mindset and culture. At Detecon, digitalisation is therefore above all a people business. With the Digital Engineering Center in Berlin, Detecon has created its own competence center which is continuously developing this view of consulting.

Digital: doing business more agilely and flexibly

Digitalisation is not a hype, but an urgent imperative for every company and public administration. It is not first and foremost about speeding up business processes. It is now abundantly clear that agility and flexibility are the key benefits of a digitalised economy and administration. Production processes and supply chains can be adapted in an agile manner. The foundation for this is real-time analysis of machine, production and planning data, thanks to big data and artificial intelligence. This allows sub-processes to be controlled autonomously and business experts to focus on strategic future developments.

T-Systems offers a broad portfolio of coordinated IT and network solutions for digital transformation. In addition to private and public cloud services, these include digital solutions for industry 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and blockchain. T-Systems integrates these into existing IT infrastructures or builds entirely new structures and operates from scratch. Digital solutions tailored to defined business processes are also used, enabling companies to exploit the full potential of digitalisation.

Cloud Services: comprehensive cloud ecosystem

T-Systems offers its customers access to and operation of a comprehensive cloud ecosystem. To this end, the cloud experts work with more than 150 partners, including hyperscalers AWS, Microsoft and Google, technology providers such as Cisco and VMware, and software manufacturers such as SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft. For customers with special requirements for data protection, data sovereignty and compliance, T-Systems offers its own Open Telekom Cloud, which can be used to meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Building hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures

The cloud has become the preferred IT infrastructure of the future. Although the cloud brings demonstrable benefits to IT operations, migrating to and operating hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures with private and public cloud components is complex. Especially, when they also have to work seamlessly with on-premise solutions. T-Systems supports customers on this path.

  1. Assessment of existing IT and consulting for the path to the cloud
  2. Migration to the cloud based on highly automated processes and methods
  3. Management, including continuous updating of the cloud systems

Global network of cloud expertise

T-Systems has more than 20 years of experience in the transformation and management of complex IT systems. The Telekom subsidiary currently has around 3,000 cloud architects and experts worldwide. At the heart of its cloud services lies one of Europe’s largest and most modern cloud data centres, near Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt. It is the highly secure hub of T-Systems’ global cloud infrastructure. In addition, the global production network includes 16 highly secure twin cores and strategic points of production in Slovakia, Hungary and India.

Security: intelligently protecting IT and OT systems

A secure IT and OT infrastructure is crucial for the economic success of a company. But cyber attacks on networks and software are becoming a major threat. Almost daily, there are attacks by cybercriminals who exploit vulnerabilities, install malware, steal passwords and complete digital identities, intercept sensitive data and extort their victims. The reason: IT architectures are often not designed securely enough to withstand professional hackers. Therefore, one of the most important challenges of digitalisation is to successfully protect IT and OT systems.

Security Operations Centres distributed worldwide

Telekom Security is one of the most successful providers of security solutions and services for companies and public administrations. Among other things, they benefit from the high level of protection with which Telekom secures its own infrastructure. Among other things, Telekom Security operates its own interconnected Security Operations Centres (SOCs) around the globe. With the help of AI, around 2,500 security experts analyse up to 2.5 billion security-relevant events from around 3,300 global data sources every day. This expertise also benefits the companies for which Telekom operates SOCs tailored to specific customer requirements.

On the way to the green data centre

Data centres consume an enormous amount of energy. T-Systems is doing everything it can to continuously improve the sustainability of its data centres. The long-term goal is “net-zero energy data centres” that are self-sufficient thanks to an intelligent interplay of renewable generation, storage and flexible consumers. They will no longer require energy from the public power grid and will be powered only by CO2-neutral energy. The data centre in Biere already consumes 30 percent less energy than conventional data centres.

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