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SAP® on AWS: securely operate SAP® systems in the cloud

How companies with managed cloud services for SAP® on AWS secure their operational business and reduce operating expenses

Reliably safeguard your SAP® workloads

SAP® solutions such as the SAP HANA® database or the SAP S/4HANA® ERP system form the backbone of important business processes for more than 440,000 customers¹ worldwide. However, this is often a curse and a blessing at the same time, because a failure would be fatal, and a loss of sales the direct consequence. If SAP® operations come to a standstill, due to a cyberattack for example, then this often means everything else stops working. As a result of this, countless companies worldwide are directly dependent on the trouble-free operation of their SAP® systems.

¹ Source: SAP®

Avoid downtime, increase agility

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You do not need to put up with disruptions when operating your SAP® systems: T-Systems migrates SAP® instances to the secure and redundant public cloud from AWS – this protects against outages and ensures greater agility. Especially in times of rapid change, companies need resources that can be scaled flexibly to accelerate innovation. And a solid cost plan: thanks to the pay-per-use model, you only pay for the service you actually utilize.

Our AWS and SAP® experts ensure smooth operation of your SAP® landscape, keep it up to date, and offer 24/7 support. We work with you to develop and implement high-availability and disaster recovery concepts – worldwide if required: thanks to our expertise as an international service provider and the approximately 70 availability zones in 22 regions of AWS.

Benefit now from all of the advantages provided by the public cloud

Find out how you can use AWS and managed cloud services from T-Systems to flexibly set up your SAP® workloads and make them fit for meeting future requirements.

Migrate SAP® systems into the AWS world quickly and simply

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Merely having resources available in the public cloud does not ensure stable operations or agility. Intelligent management, the right strategy, and comprehensive expert knowledge are essential. This is where managed cloud services for SAP® on AWS from T-Systems come into play.

To allow you to quickly take advantage of all of the benefits of AWS, we migrate your SAP® applications to the public cloud in the shortest possible time. Our experts determine the best path into the AWS world for you, and automation tools ensure a smooth “lift and shift” of the systems. Our employees will advise you on any questions regarding your migration to the cloud. Regardless of whether you want to migrate some or all of your SAP® landscape, or if you want to migrate to SAP® for the first time: we can manage the operation of both cloud-only and hybrid infrastructures according to your individual requirements.

Optimize your IT with three strong partners

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Why choose AWS? More than 5,000 SAP® customers worldwide already successfully rely on this public cloud. The two providers have enjoyed a close partnership since 2011. No other hyperscaler has such a long history or experience with SAP® solutions. The result: modules tailored to the requirements of SAP® users, which include traditional cloud capacities for computing and storage as well as components for the Internet of Things (IoT) or machine learning.

And why choose T-Systems? Because with over ten years of experience as a managed services provider for solutions on dynamic platforms, and by working with world-class technology partners like AWS, we offer real benefits to our customers.

As the world's largest SAP® hosting provider with a HANA database volume of over 800 TB, we have over 4,000 SAP® experts worldwide and operate the most comprehensive SAP® system with 850,000 SAP® users. Well over 1,000 successful SAP® projects annually and over 15 years of experience in operating SAP® systems on multi-cloud platforms enable us to provide competent advice and to take over the integration and operation of SAP® environments. We have proven our capabilities with certifications from SAP®, of which we currently hold seven. As a result of this, we are the only provider in the world with such a broad spectrum of services.

We look forward to your project!

Would you like to know more about the design, migration, and operation of your SAP® landscape in the AWS public cloud? Our experts will be happy to answer any questions regarding your project. Contact us, we are here to help.

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