Data scientist checking key financial figures in front of a large digital screen

Digital transformation and modernisation in the financial sector

Modernise legacy systems, reduce costs and strengthen competitiveness with innovation and new technologies

Transforming outdated systems and integrating them with digital solutions

It is true that most banks and insurers established complex IT infrastructures in their core banking business decades ago. Online services have also long been part of the standard offering. But the tide of digitalisation is continuing. With modern and intelligent technology, further processes can be automated and costs reduced. This allows data to be processed, linked and analysed without losing time. And it enables individually tailored services for the customer.

Modernise legacy applications

Now as before, businesses in the finance and insurance sector must continue on their transformation journey to modernise their IT landscapes, software and legacy systems. At the same time, new procurement models for IT infrastructure and business software, such as cloud services, help to make processes more efficient, reduce costs and ensure all operations are run in a fail-safe and compliant manner. Banks and insurance companies must therefore be able to simultaneously integrate new IT services from the cloud without having to completely switch off legacy applications and existing core software. T-Systems makes this finance transformation possible.


We support digitalisation

Would you like to modernise your outdated IT and develop additional services with new solutions? Our digitalisation and industry experts will be happy to advise and support you in your digital transformation – feel free to contact us!

Bye-bye, data silo!

T-Systems is the ideal partner for transformation and modernisation in the finance sector. Our expertise lies in unravelling historically evolved IT architectures to pave the way for modern, cloud-native capabilities. Through our end-to-end solutions, we aim to reduce operational costs by moving away from legacy and mainframe applications, providing long-term financial benefits. We are experts in breaking down data silos and replacing them with standardised systems to minimise manual work and errors in data traffic.

Strength lies in dynamics

Another focus is the switch from analogue to dynamic reporting, which enables real-time insights and fast decision-making. Our advanced data solutions make risk modelling more accurate, leveraging the power of machine learning and big data analytics. Our expertise in robotics and process automation optimises operations and increases efficiency and accuracy.

Modern financial processes

T-Systems is a pioneer and partner for digital transformation in the financial sector. We offer innovative solutions, including cloud application services, big data and analytics, security measures such as fraud detection, and IoT-based approaches such as accounting and asset financing. The aim is to modernise traditional financial practices, digitalise the customer experience, create personalised offers and focus on security aspects.

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