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Financial institutions: focus on data protection and compliance

A regulatory environment with many legal provisions requires sophisticated data protection and data security concepts

Complex triangle of digitalisation, data protection and data security

In the German financial sector, companies are confronted with a strict regulatory environment that creates a complex network of legal and compliance-related framework conditions. Compliance with these regulations is not only an organisational challenge, but also places a considerable burden on financial resources. The consequences of violations range from financial penalties and reputational damage to operational disruptions. The solution: instead of relying on outdated IT systems, rely on sovereign clouds that also meet data protection and security requirements.

More data protection and compliance with the right cyber security strategy

Despite elaborate cyber security measures, banks and insurance companies are also repeatedly hit with data breaches: hackers penetrate IT systems via security gaps, use phishing attacks to steal customer data, or paralyse online banking sites with DDoS attacks. However, financial companies often have a complex network infrastructure with many endpoints, interconnected systems and a hybrid IT infrastructure. This makes the development and implementation of a security strategy more difficult. One way out is sovereign clouds that also meet data protection and security requirements.


We attach great importance to IT security

Is your current IT resilient against sophisticated cyber attacks, and does it meet all future data protection requirements? Is personal data safe with you? Our security experts will advise and support you with your cyber strategy!

Compliance without a cost trap

IT security is of crucial importance in the highly regulated financial world. T-Systems is your trustworthy partner, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the legal framework, which enables us to gain a deep understanding of complex legal conditions. This means you are always well informed about changing guidelines. We offer efficient solutions aimed at ensuring the compliance of your processes without breaking your budget.

Do you know your customers?

Our specialisation in anti-money-laundering and “Know Your Customer” practices keeps you in line with key regulatory priorities. We recognise the data-intensive nature of regulations and offer solutions that simplify compliance. We use robust security measures to prevent reputational damage, financial penalties and operational disruptions. Our willingness to collaborate goes beyond providing solutions – we stand at your side and navigate the complex regulatory landscape with you. With T-Systems, your institution’s security and compliance are in the hands of experts.

Clearing the compliance jungle

T-Systems offers advanced security protocols in a digital landscape that holds both promise and peril. Our services, including fraud prevention, an advanced data management system and robust consent management, protect every transaction, policy and piece of personal information from attack. Our specialised compliance solutions help customers navigate safely through the complex regulatory jungle.

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