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Future-proof your business with cloud

Modernise the way you work, make smarter decisions, and gain a competitive edge with a robust cloud migration strategy

Get the most out of cloud with T-Systems

Get the most out of cloud with T-Systems

When you consider moving to the cloud, it raises a few questions: 

  • Which cloud approach is right for me?
  • How will cloud accelerate time to market?
  • How will cloud adoption drive growth and profitability?
  • Who can support my cloud journey end-to-end as a reliable partner?

The answer lies in T-Systems’ cloud migration framework. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we assess and advise you on cloud by analyzing your IT landscape and needs. Our automated assessments, best practices, and cloud-agnostic approach address real-world challenges to keep you on track to achieve your business objectives.

Aligning business with the real value from cloud

Whether you are moving the infrastructure or just a single application to cloud, it is a big step. To optimize the process, we follow a consultative approach by conducting a cloud readiness assessment. The assessment enables us to study your unique business challenges and goals, and recommend solutions – public, private, or hybrid cloud – to formulate an effective and customized cloud migration strategy that reaps the benefits of cloud. 

How we drive successful cloud migration

Our agile and unified framework covers the entire spectrum of the cloud adoption process right from the first customer discussion to the migration and optimisation of the cloud environment. Armed with the capability to support and integrate with hyperscaler platforms, the framework ensures strong security measures for a low-risk, highly automated migration and modernisation. 

Migrate and modernize workloads

Watch Jonas Niessen, Director, Cloud Adoption Services, T-Systems, present a detailed account of our cloud migration framework.

Our framework in action

Business Situation

In the light of new digital initiatives and trends, such as eSports and gaming, the pressure was on traditional football clubs to reinvent themselves to gain consumer attention and loyalty.


  • Address new target groups and increase reach via digital channels
  • Enhance customer experience with omnichannel presence
  • Leverage data-driven decisions – in club and in sport

Cloud Migration Solution Framework

Infographic T-Systems’ Cloud Migration Framework
  • Conducted cloud assessment of the existing IT landscape
  • Defined digitalization strategy with cloud expertise and resources
  • Planned the migration of workloads to Microsoft Azure 
  • Executed the migration via Scrum methodology 
  • Made provision for Microsoft Azure, Managed Cloud Services Foundation, and Advanced Managed Cloud Services 

Customer Benefits

  • Development of innovative services helped address young target groups 
  • Increased competitiveness 
  • Cost savings earned by relocating capex to opex

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