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Today’s sustainability, legal and business challenges fuel the need for a secure data-sharing ecosystem. Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) pioneers in developing sovereign, trustful, and user-friendly end-to-end data sharing and data economy services. Empowering organisations to be prepared for trustful and sovereign data exchange and get connected within standardised data-driven ecosystems to create business value, and foster business innovation.

Data sharing with sovereignty protection

Overview Industries

There are various factors that advocate the need to have data protection, what adds on top is making it sovereign. DIH offers unique benefits to each of the key factors as below:

Fixing broken data: Companies have gone from databases to data warehouses and now to data lakes, and they seem to be drowning in it. Most of the time of any data analytics project is spent cleaning up the data and turning the 80/20 rule, a cornerstone of business efficiency upside down. With Data intelligence Hub, get access to more standardised data with higher quality by data sharing from trusted partners to save time and costs.

Competitiveness: Increase efficiency and join a shift from expensive one-to-one integration to one-to-many interaction.

Resiliency: Use data to see farther and deeper into your processes to better foresee turbulence ahead and become more resilient against market volatility.

Data as a product (DaaP): Treat data as a product and industrialise this process through automation with tools and exchange data using Telekom Data Intelligence Hub.

Business innovation: Enable new revolutionary business models with new insights from partners and competitors – and create new value from data chains across organisations for new businesses, such as intermodal travel and material traceability, without losing control of your data.

Data Intelligence Hub’s cross-industry sovereign approach makes it possible to build digital infrastructure garnered towards various stakeholders such as citizens, app providers, organisations, data experts, etc. while still allowing the data provider to retain the security and sovereignty of their data.

We offer cloud agnostic and sovereign enterprise-ready products

Our Telekom Data Intelligence Hub provides managed state-of-the-art services to enable secure data connections and eliminate the need for organisations to provide their own data infrastructures. The cloud agnostic approach further enables organisations to get onboarded on their preferred cloud to get connected to their desired data ecosystems and save valuable time and costs. Our solutions are:

Sovereign: End-to-end sovereign solution stack to ensure that your data an equal right based non-hierarchical approach to our services within data-driven ecosystems for all participants through transparent data usage control powered by Gaia-X and IDSA compliant federated services

Secure: Implementation of Secure peer-to-peer communication with end-to-end semantics (with Eclipse Data Connector) standardisations, identification and authentication services and policies for intra and inter-company collaboration

Managed and certified: Telekom managed and certified services and applications for your ever-growing business challenges

Interoperable: Orchestrate solutions and components to customise and build your own data-driven ecosystems like data spaces and data mesh
Standardised:  Easy to use, managed services compliant to leading industry standards such as Gaia-X and IDSA

Trustful data sharing ecosystem for cross-industry applications

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A municipal administration combines numerous sources of information. To enable citizens to use them, various kinds of data must be collected, prepared, and published. For example, current building site overviews or traffic jams, taxi, and bike-sharing locations, cadastral surveys, or park area information as well as information on public spaces and event locations. This data must be collected, stored, and structured before any meaningful insights can be generated thereby, loss of time, money, and resources. Trustful data sharing ecosystem for cross-industry applications.

Similarly, in the health industry, hundreds of data points are generated and collected at different places from laboratories to doctors to therapists to insurers to wearables. Strict legal regulations, patient information confidentiality, and complex data collection and storage processes impact the value of healthcare data. Utilise the shared data to generate meaningful customer insights, increased visibility across stakeholders, and more importantly data control at an individual level.

Our focus factors in building data chains for responsible industrialisation


We enable solutions and services to help organisations save on their CO2 footprint. Connect with your suppliers to trace emissions throughout the manufacturing and supply chain and take data-driven actions to minimise your environmental impact for a greener future.


We empower manufacturers and suppliers to implement traceability throughout their value chain. To support manufacturers become compliant with legal regulations, our solutions provide from production through to recycling.

Circular economy

Reuse, recycle and remanufacture – Be the circular economy leader in your industry. Utilise Telekom’s strong partnerships across all levels of your value chains to create insightful data chains for responsible industrialisation.

Modal travel shift

Enable trust between mobility providers to share data to unlock higher efficiency and utilisation of mobility resources, to gain a triple win outcome – “everyone’s a winner”: consumers (better travel), providers (more business), and cities (cleaner, safer, less noise). Tap into new data sources and create new business opportunities by offering your data-as-a-product.

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