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Innovation Center Iberia

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About the center

Deutsche Telekom Group's commitment to innovation and technology is exemplified by the Iberian Innovation Center, spanning Barcelona, Granada, and Madrid. As part of the global innovation ecosystem, our objective is to drive collaborative innovation internally and with partners. Using methodologies like radar, we navigate complexity, ensuring focus and tangible results, regardless of the level of maturity of the client or department. The centers are hubs for interactive experiences, from inspiration-led activities to ideation workshops and comprehensive training across various areas of the innovation process.

Ideation and co-creation

Experts brainstorming at Innovation Experience Session workshop

The Innovation Centers are great for ideation and co-creation sessions; they are designed for business and technology professionals to collaborate on innovation and ideas, aiming to generate the best solutions to the challenges businesses are facing.

Join us in an:

  • Inspiration session through the potential of our vertical solutions (approx. 1 hour)
  • Innovation experience journey (approx. 2 hours)
  • Tailored customer session
  • Follow-up sessions (approx. 1 hour)

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Vertical solutions catered to your needs across various industries

Expert presenting Industry solutions at Innovation Center Barcelona

With the various technology demonstrations (showcases), this is the ideal location to engage with each other, a place to observe and discuss the various solutions that T-Systems has to offer to the industry, including healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and public administration. Depending on your needs, we will put together an inspirational showcase session for you.

Innovation journey: Explore, collaborate, and create effective solutions

Meeting room at Innovation Center Iberia

Embark on an inspiring innovation journey with us, where we immerse you in topic-centered exploration. Discover the cutting-edge innovations from T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom that await you on this adventure. Our engaging storylines encourage you to view and define your challenges from diverse perspectives, fostering collaborative discovery and the co-creation of effective solutions.

Other research and innovation centers from T-Systems

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