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Data-driven transformation

Discover the power of data to accelerate innovation, and bring agility into your business and enterprise culture

Building data culture for enterprise growth

Enterprises today know the art of combining data from multiple sources, but there is still a gap in terms of strategising data collection, analysing it, and deriving insights to make faster decisions. The data space of today is experiencing a diseconomy of scale. At T-Systems, we focus on modernising enterprise data to replace the central data management with a decentralised, domain-oriented one and make it easier for everyone to work with data.

Data thinking for defining a clear data strategy and roadmap

Do you have a data strategy? How do you create value for customers from big and complex data? Today's challenges bring a sense of urgency for data analytics to create value from data, for data foundation to facilitate smarter data management, and for data exchange to enable collaboration and transparency. There is a need to manage data according to the latest standards – focus on monetising data through new ecosystems such as data spaces and through a decentralised, secure data exchange where data sovereignty is guaranteed. Take up new approaches such as data mesh and domain-driven designs to become a data-driven company. At T-Systems, we provide end-to-end offerings which are precisely tailored to these market demands.

Rethinking data-driven business models

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Data-driven initiatives offer many revenue and cost optimisation opportunities. Clear strategic objectives, data correction, and T-Systems' proven step-by-step data thinking techniques help organisations become data-driven. This includes cultural, organisational, technological, and methodological changes that support company goals and offer quick wins. Utilise T-Systems' methodical approach to optimise enterprise processes and acquire important insights from data to maximise data applications.

From digital company to data-driven enterprise

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Modern data architecture

With the ever-increasing volume and velocity of data, coupled with storage constraints and quality concerns, the call for modern data architectures has become imperative. At T-Systems, it's not just a technical remedy but an approach, addressing the critical “5S” factors.

  1. Structured Data: Extracting structured data from various sources and systems is crucial
  2. Standardisation: Ensuring data meets quality standards from acquisition to analysis is vital
  3. Storage: Overcoming data storage challenges and ensuring compatibility across platforms are additional obstacles
  4. Security: Prioritizing data security is of utmost importance
  5. Stakeholder Access: In a modern data architectural setup, democratizing data access is key, making data accessible and understandable to all stakeholders, regardless of their technical expertise

By embracing these principles, organisations can derive valuable insights even from the modern data complexities with the help of T-Systems' expertise in big data management and data architecture.

Data governance and compliance

For Chief Data Officers, managing regulatory compliance and staying prepared for any changes that could impact how organisations operate is a top priority. Here are the challenges:

  • Meeting strict rules requires balancing centralised policies with decentralised data ownership
  • Aligning projects and addressing data quality, privacy, and security is vital
  • A fine balance of experience and data expertise is needed to effectively manage compliance and data governance intricacies

This is where T-Systems can help organisations grip data governance challenges through effective data strategies and practices to best accommodate region-wise laws and regulations. 

Building a data culture

  • Putting people at the center of transformation, while building a data culture within organisations, especially during evolving change management dynamics
  • Cultivating a data culture within every individual by aligning their actions, thought processes, tools, and learning initiatives cultural agility
  • T-Systems, with its experience and expertise in data transformations, help organisations adopt a data-driven culture 
  • T-Systems seamlessly integrate it into their daily operations to promote growth and success in a dynamic, data-driven environment

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