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Migrating workloads with ease to VMware Cloud

You want to move workloads to the VMware Cloud - securely and fast? We show you how.

VMware and T-Systems pave the way for efficient cloud usage

Loads of applications still run on established VMware technology in owned data centers. Their destination is clear: the cloud. But how can these workloads be migrated easily? How can workloads in a multi-cloud universe be managed efficiently? VMware and T-Systems provide a comprehensive set of tools, methods, and services to safeguard a smooth, fast, and risk-minimised cloud migration and operation, irrespective of wherever your cloud journey might lead to.

Services from T-Systems VMware Center of Excellence

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A strong VMware ecosystem provides everything you need for your cloud journey. Starting with a unique migration methodology and toolchain, applications move to the cloud cost-effectively and in a risk-minimised manner benefitting from a holistic security architecture. Receive a unified management plane that automates delivery, optimizes resource consumption, provides observability and insights on any cloud, be it private, hybrid or public. Enable container usage as well as application modernization by embracing cloud-native methodologies. Check out our Center of Excellence of VMware and T-Systems.

Bring your IT on the digitalization path

Existing systems are still a major hurdle on enterprises’ way to the cloud. The VMware ecosystem offers a broad range of services, products, methods to easily pave your way into the cloud. In the VMware Center of Excellence, T-Systems and VMware bundled their expertise for migration, cross-cloud management, application modernization and security to provide a holistic service suite for legacy moving to the cloud. Check out our video.

White paper: VMware Cloud Workload Migration

You want to move workloads to the cloud? Here is the methodology that VMware recommends.

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