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White paper: more security for the automotive industry

Cars as connected computers? SASE for Automotive provides companies with the security they need

SASE provides fast app connectivity with robust security

The growing number of connected cars with sophisticated software is leading to a high volume of data and rapid data exchange. This also creates more opportunities for hackers to launch attacks. In order to keep the threat at bay, automotive companies need a comprehensive security solution. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) does just that. Read this guide and find out how SASE can support your business.

What you can learn about SASE for automotive in this guide:

  • How digitalization is reshaping the automotive sector. Also, read Gartner and Deloitte's predictions for the connected car market
  • How SASE can help your automotive company solve security challenges by combining connectivity, performance, and security
  • How a number of major automotive players ensure security for their global workforce
  • How companies achieve greater visibility of user apps and activities with SASE
  • Where you stand on your own SASE transformation journey. Have you reached your goal yet? Take our self-check!


Preview of the first four pages of the white paper "More security for an industry in transition"

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