Corporate Governance

Committed to Corporate Governance

We have high expectations – especially of ourselves. T-Systems follows comprehensive principles of good corporate governance, which include accounting guidelines, compliance and ethical standards.
These principles fulfill the requirements of our parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG, and the public, as well as complying with the legal framework. For us, corporate governance means that we publish transparent financial reports, control our subsidiaries effectively, implement guidelines and rules in full, ensure that our business development is sustainable, maintain high ethical standards and promote integrity and commitment.
These principles allow our company with its 52,000 employees worldwide to:
  • meet high quality and security standards,
  • offer products and services through more than 100 subsidiaries in more than 20 countries,
  • and to achieve long-term financial success together with our partners.
The framework of guidelines and documentation of corporate governance at T-Systems is provided by the Corporate Governance Rules of Deutsche Telekom, the Code of Conduct, the Corporate Vision, the environmental goals of the business units, and our financial, environmental and social reporting. An additional factor is the assumption of ethical responsibility – for example in connection with sport and cultural sponsoring, involvement in society and the promotion of education and training through the Telekom Foundation.

Whistleblower Portal

It is important to us to live up to our high expectations also in our everyday work – that is, in connection with our business relations and services. If we occasionally should fail to meet this goal, we expressly request that this is made known to us – whether by customers, employees, business associates or other interested parties. We have set up our own Whistleblower Portal for this purpose, where you can submit complaints about accounting, auditing and any other issues – if desired also anonymously. We will follow up all information received through this portal.