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App development with Platform-as-a-Service

Execute applications from the cloud and perform big data analyses with a managed PaaS development platform

Develop apps with modular PaaS services

Not all existing applications can be located and made available to users in the cloud. You can use managed PaaS to make older applications cloud-ready and expand them with new functions and features. This is not possible with every application, however. If this is the case, the apps can simply be rebuilt quickly.

Managed PaaS: a flexible development environment and secure productive environment in one

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Managed PaaS is a modular platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product that combines a technical development platform with readily available business applications from the cloud. The platform coordinates the operation of Java and data workloads and offers containers for internal application development and Analytics as a Service. T-Systems combines DevOps for agile development with productive ITIL/SLA-based operations. The managed PaaS platform can be offered on both a private cloud in the public environment (Open Telekom Cloud or Azure) and on Baremetal.

With managed PaaS, business applications from the cloud are readily available. Preconfigured middleware services such as database servers, application servers, or web servers can be retrieved, deployed, and flexibly scaled in a matter of seconds. The stand-out advantage of managed PaaS: you get a modular, flexible development environment and a highly available and secure production environment in one. After programming a piece of software, you can continue to run your application on the same platform without any interruptions or changing of providers.

Connectors to internal CRM and ERP systems

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Applications in the PaaS Openshift world are presented as docker containers in the cloud for maximum flexibility. This enables users to book IT resources at lightning speed as required, without having to assemble virtual machines themselves, as was previously the case. In addition to their own applications, companies can also choose to supplement the PaaS environment with software from external providers. Connectors to the company’s CRM and ERP systems provide multidirectional transport of relevant data across the entire internal IT landscape of the company.

Further advantages: consumption-based payment model, operated from a German data center in accordance with German security and data protection laws, excellent SLAs, and high scalability. The PaaS ecosystem thus manages to both meet the needs of IT developers and also provide the rapidly available business functionalities many specialist departments are looking for.

Advantages for IT

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  • Speed to market: implement business innovations faster, and secure a competitive advantage by providing required applications at the push of a button
  • Simple testing of applications: risk-free scaling, pay-per-use price model
  • Maximum security: integration platform is operated from certified T-Systems data centers in accordance with German data protection guidelines
  • Hybrid solution: uses Microsoft Azure as a basis to combine the advantages of private and public cloud
  • Docker container: performance configuration in self-service, with managed platform provided by T-Systems
  • Self-service DevOps platform: quick and easy creation of applications using trusted tools
  • Big data solutions: big data from the ecosystem at the touch of a button
  • Multiple price models: from pay-per-use and predefined packages to dedicated environments with discount models

​​​​​​​ Advantages for the business:

  • Entry-ready platform for immediately launching new business ideas – without any necessary expenditure on IT infrastructure and software
  • Launch small test projects without any investment risk
  • Be first on the market to try out new and innovative business applications
  • Opex instead of Capex, pay-per-use price model and open source
  • High cost savings for IT investments, IT operations, and licenses; defined SLAs

Modular PaaS service for data analytics from the cloud

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PaaS Big Data offers you data analytics from the cloud. Data Inquest allows data from various sources to be collected and filtered, e.g., from the social web, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, or machine-to-machine or process data. For data management, managed PaaS relies on big data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL, or In-Memory. Large amounts of data are aggregated in a data lake. The evaluation of the data is carried out by advanced and predictive analytics, statistical analysis, or data mining. PaaS Big Data is available in the Open Telekom Cloud, the DSI vCloud (VMware), and on the Azure platform. This also allows for hybrid scenarios to be implemented in the big data area.

Big data for private and data-critical applications

On the basis of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Managed PaaS Azure Hybrid is available both in Germany from Microsoft Cloud and globally as a modular Platform as a Service. At Microsoft Cloud Germany, Azure services are provided from German data centers, and customer data is processed and stored exclusively in Germany. Access to customer data is provided by the data trustee, T-Systems. Microsoft will not be granted access to this data without the consent of T-Systems or the customer. The managed PaaS hybrid approach allows customers to combine private and data-critical applications with public cloud services, all while maintaining full control over their data.

Advantages of Big Data

  • End-to-end services: standardized end-to-end Hadoop solutions provided on the basis of an infrastructure platform (Classic, Dynamic, Cloud)
  • Matching usage profiles: various performance profiles available from XS–XXL depending on requirements
  • Popular data formats: migration, efficient compression, and query of structured and unstructured data from different source systems possible
  • Best-of-breed: best-of-breed ecosystem with infrastructure, Hadoop distribution, big data analytics, and big data visualization
  • Dynamically expandable: provides the storage volume you need on demand and allows for easy cluster growth as your data needs evolve
  • Service orchestration: professional management of services by T-Systems, high security features, high availability, and backup cluster management and monitoring
  • Cloudera Hadoop: CDH – the world’s most complete, highly-rated, and widely distributed distribution of Apache Hadoop
  • State-of-the-art architecture: fail-safe Hadoop platform to meet growing data and processing requirements using a distributed system architecture
  • Secure: productions sites in Germany, among other places. Contracts in accordance with German data protection law
  • Platform-independent: various freely selectable services from the available Open Telekom Cloud (Open Stack) and Microsoft Azure platforms
  • Hybrid solution: uses Microsoft Azure as a basis to combine the advantages of private and public cloud

Fast to market with Platform as a Service

Managed PaaS is a modular Platform as a Service (PaaS) offer that combines technical development platforms with rapidly available business applications from the cloud – making it easy for companies to use without requiring a lot of effort be expended in development.

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