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Azure Arc empowers T-Systems to manage your complete IT landscape and security in any public and private cloud

Management and governance for hybrid and multiclouds

Hybrid and multicloud are common models – in short: they are polyclouds. Running applications and enforcing governance in their polyclouds represent huge challenges for customers. Polycloud environments provide the most flexible deployment options for your applications, whether they are implemented on virtual machines, on Kubernetes or serverless. Security and governance enforcement on any deployment option is done with T-Systems Managed Azure Arc.

Manage any infrastructure from a single point with Azure Arc

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Azure Arc spans a control pane in Azure for any application in the polycloud, whether the application runs on a virtual machine in Azure, in a Kubernetes cluster in a private cloud, or in any infrastructure of the other Hyper-Scaler clouds. All corporate IT operations governance rules can be applied to any infrastructure with Azure Arc. T-Systems provides a unique Azure Arc implementation in the Managed Cloud Services for Azure to empower our customers to benefit from all options, and to leverage your application engineering knowledge in any place you ask us to run your application.

Not only Windows: Manage VMware, Linux, Kubernetes

Azure Arc can manage virtual machines and the operating system on servers. Kubernetes clusters can be managed to any extent by Azure Arc for Kubernetes. With Azure Arc's enabled services, you can run Azure data workloads, functions and app-services in any cloud. The Azure Arc family will be extended soon with the capability to maintain VMware infrastructures as well. As of today, Azure Arc facilitates the efficient running of applications and can deploy them in any kind of infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on bare metal servers.

Use cases for Azure Arc

Do you have more than one IT provider? Then you usually manage each environment using the provider's own tool. This is certainly time-consuming and not efficient. With Azure Arc, you can manage your entire IT infrastructure in one place, because Arc can visualise and even manage every part of the IT infrastructure, enabling full inventory and management of workloads. Do you want to run native Azure services on any infrastructure? Keep your data on-premises or in a private cloud and bring native Azure services to your environment. This will allow you to fulfil compliance demands and exploit the benefits of the scalable cloud.

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