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Successfully shape your digital transformation

How to find the right solution among the broad range of possibilities

Love it, or hate it,

… no company can escape the digital transformation. Intelligent technologies have become indispensable in tackling the challenges that stem from changing markets and previously unknown attackers. The problem: an unmanageable number of possibilities. Which investments are worth making? Which skills and processes must be present in a company to even enable these decisions to be made? This is where we begin.

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A look at the bigger picture

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Digitalization opens up enormous opportunities for growth – across all industries, sectors, regions, and company sizes. It leads to better processes, which increase overall efficiency and reduce costs. It is expected that in the coming years around half of all profits made by businesses will be generated by digital activities. So this is about much more than simply following a new trend in IT. 

The reward is high, but there are also many obstacles to overcome if companies wish to fully realize their digitalization goals. These start as soon as you enter the planning phase: reconciling the demand, investment, and ROI for digitalization can polarize decision makers in a company and slow down the transformation in its infancy. 

In our view, profitable consultation on the digital transformation goes far beyond mere technological considerations. Intricate knowledge of processes and markets right down to the smallest cog in the machine is required here: How do production processes function in different industries? What pitfalls are present in international logistics? How is customer feedback processed in a sensible way? Which areas need protection and what kind? 

It is to this end that we bring our collective knowledge to the table: Over 700 management consultants and digitalization experts, more than 800 industry-specific consultants and specialists, platform and architecture experts, DevOps specialists, and many more are on hand to assist you. One approach, which combines innovation, management consulting, and the world of high-tech to sustainably increase your performance. 

Tools for the digital transformation

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We offer our customers a broad portfolio for strategic implementation of the digital transformation. Among other elements, this includes:

  • Trend scouting – We observe trends, start-ups, and innovations across the world and estimate their impact on existing markets
  • Digital and IT strategy – We support and advise businesses to help them corner new markets and shape their digital transformation
  • Realizing business models – We conceive, develop and apply IT solutions and technologies for the implementation of digital business models
  • Digital products and services – We place all necessary building blocks at your disposal to allow us to develop needs-oriented, data-driven offers together
  • Co-innovation – We connect you with specialist partners from the Deutsche Telekom Group for bespoke services and solutions
  • Culture of innovation – We help businesses to operate inattentively. We also foster a culture of innovation that extends to processes, tools, and projects.

We look forward to your project!

An expert will answer your questions about the planning, implementation and maintenance of your digitization projects. Contact us today.

Your customers in focus

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Our aim is to make your customers feel like they are completely safe in your hands. We help you to implement data-based marketing for your products and solutions. Together we will create a digital showroom and optimize your processes, and we will advise you about all the important challenges you will encounter during your digital transformation. 

Because digitalization isn’t simply about using the right technologies, it’s also about understanding your customers and business processes, and adapting your entire business to these changes. In order to utilize the opportunities presented by the digital transformation and combat its challenges, you must comprehensively follow the right strategy, innovations, and the most fitting business model. To ensure you are successful, we support you with our consultation expertise, specialist technical knowledge, and customer-oriented solutions.

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