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Security agencies rely on digital technology

How fire departments and police can be supported by intelligent digital solutions

Public security in the digital transformation

In the event of an emergency, security agencies must maintain an overview of the situation and act as efficiently as possible. Digital technology can offer decisive support here. Secure and stable ICT solutions are also important for fighting cyber crime and investigating criminal offenses. We show how police and fire departments can work together efficiently and across agencies using technology.

Tailor-made ICT systems for optimal deployment planning

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Intelligent analytical tools help police and fire department operations to filter information and distill this into a comprehensive view of the situation at hand – with current site or building plans or real time traffic information, for example. In disaster operations, such as during severe weather, ICT solutions support the coordination of the emergency services and the distribution of aid on site.

  • Better planning and efficient management of operations
  • Mobile systems for personnel safety
  • Interdisciplinary and interdepartmental cooperation
  • Quick reaction to dangers and large-scale situations
  • Reduced administrative effort

Smart digital solutions for authorities

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We support security agencies with our Internet of Things solutions, helping them to react more quickly and efficiently during operations, and to establish early warning systems.

  • Protection for emergency services personnel: intelligent protective helmets and suits monitor air quality and vital bodily functions
  • Help for police and fire departments: mobile police station, networked data for modern fire and catastrophe protection
  • Monitoring nuclear power plants: sensors which monitor operating conditions
  • Early recognition of forest fires: sensors for trees which detect fires early and provide timely notifications
  • Offer for citizens: apps like MyShake or NINA give warnings for earthquakes, extreme weather, major fires, and other dangers

Declaring war on cyber crime

Spying, phishing, or computer fraud: to combat criminal activities on the web, security agencies depend on digital, high-performance solutions - such as appropriate security mechanisms and early warning systems. This requires a strong IT infrastructure which can withstand cyber attacks and manipulation and is especially well protected against outages. We support the fight against cyber crime with highly-functional, high-performance solutions. Get in touch.

Crisis Management as a Service

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Equipped for emergencies with the cloud-based system “Crisis Management as a Service” from T-Systems: the solution helps security agencies to react to situations together quickly and efficiently and to always maintain an overview of the situation when it counts. With applications such as conferencing and collaboration, all important players can stay informed and coordinate during critical situations. This simplifies the management of acute crises.

  • Can also be used intuitively under pressure
  • Scalable, secure, and cost-effective
  • Can be configured for individual requirements
  • Operation in the certified data centers of Deutsche Telekom
  • Independent from the performance of company IT thanks to cloud solution
  • Round the clock remote services and support via hotline

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