Hand holding digital globe
16 September 2022 | Cloud Services

AWS Transfer Family service delivery designation

T-Systems becomes service delivery launch partner for AWS Transfer Family.

T-Systems and VM Ware
13 September 2022 | Cloud Services

T-Systems builds Center of Excellence for the Cloud on VMware

The closer partnership with VMware will make the transition to the cloud easier, faster and less costly for organisations.

Server cabinets in the dark connected with bright colored lines
08 September 2022 | Application Services

T-Systems brings Continental's SAP to the private cloud

One of Germany's largest SAP system landscapes is moving to the cloud.

Top view of highway road junctions showing the complexity of systems.
08 September 2022 | Security

Get onboard SASE: four letters that secure the cloud

To secure today’s complex network infrastructures, the solution is in the cloud: SASE effectively deals with extremely distributed, cloud-based networks.

graphic showing ai, analysis, artificial intelligence, automation
11 August 2022 | Artificial Intelligence

AI: the versatile solution that powers up every department

Discover real-world AI applications and implementation throughout your enterprise’s departments

Digital security lock with aws Logo
28 July 2022 | Cloud Services

T-Systems becomes AWS Security Competency Partner

As a Premier Partner and Managed Service Provider, T-Systems has already proven success in meeting AWS’s technical requirements.

T-Systems and Commerzbank logo
28 July 2022 | Financial Services

New cooperation between Commerzbank and Deutsche Telekom

Commerzbank and Deutsche Telekom cooperating on digital industry solutions.

futuristic car and graphic interface
20 July 2022 | Automotive

T-Systems grows for the automotive industry

From vehicle software to secure cloud computing, all key topics are in focus.

Sensing system and wireless communication network of vehicle
14 July 2022 | Automotive

Cyber threats in the automotive industry are growing, but they're not insurmountable

Automotive cyber security: what you need to know.

Close-up of hand turning cubes spelling out ‘3.0’ to ‘4.0’
30 June 2022 | Manufacturing Industries

How factories can overcome barriers to Industry 4.0 adoption

Strategies for smart manufacturing success in a challenging landscape.

Face of woman with digital overlay and smartphone with health card
29 June 2022 | Healthcare

Health insurance and ID card on your smartphone

BARMER commissions T-Systems and VERIMI for the digital solution.

Green commercial van driving in the city
23 June 2022 | Filter Labels

How digital transformation enables a resilient and sustainable supply chain

Digitalisation can resolve logistics companies’ conflict between maximising profits and increasing efficiency.

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