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Improve customer experience, boost your business

How can you leverage the potential of the cloud to make your customers happy and optimize internal processes?

Why good customer experience is crucial for success

Today, more and more companies focus on optimizing their customer experience (CX). For many, a compelling CX matters even more than product details and pricing. Why is that? The answer is simple: customers remain loyal to a company when they are satisfied. In this case, they are also willing to pay higher prices. Good CX, therefore, is a direct competitive factor and decisive for long-term success. T-Systems helps you to achieve that.

Concept paper: Stay ahead of the curve with edge cloud

How cloud innovation coupled with edge computing is fueling business performance in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

What does a convincing customer experience look like in practice?

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Good CX relies on seamless and digitalized processes between customer and company. For example, a company in the automotive industry has digitalized its supply chain. Its production and administration are connected to the cloud. By automating the analysis of customer data on purchasing behavior using AI, the company knows which customer bought, which product, at what time in the past. Therefore, it can produce the right products in time and have them ready for shipment when the next order arrives. Additionally, tracking solutions allow the customer to know where the delivery is and align its own workflows accordingly.

Optimizing internal processes at the same time

Implementing digital solutions like the cloud, AI, and machine learning (ML) not only help satisfy your customers, but also enable you to improve your own workflows. In the example above, knowing in advance which products are in demand, at which point in the future allows the company to control the ordering of raw materials, production, warehousing, and administration. Since the business units are connected via the cloud, they can coordinate their work steps with each other. This principle not only applies to the manufacturing industry, but also to other sectors as well.

How the cloud forms the basis for compelling CX and business success

Digitalization and cloud are valuable tools for improving CX and internal processes. The cloud enables the merger of (customer) data from different sources, even across companies. Cloud-based CRM applications enable them to keep track of every detail regarding the customer relationship. Connecting machines wirelessly allows for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime. If AI, ML, and data analytics are provided via the cloud, companies can automatically make the most out of their data. But for all of that you need the right partner on your cloud journey.

How we power your cloud journey and customer experience

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T-Systems offers state-of-the-art solutions. With our Cloud Migration Framework, your local applications will be migrated seamlessly to the cloud, be it public, private or hybrid cloud. With our Cloud Platform Services, you get the right IT infrastructure, from on-premise to on-campus and edge. Further applications are provided via our Cloud Application Services. By implementing Software as a service (SaaS) solutions, for example, you can modernize business-critical applications and keep them up-to-date automatically. This way, you can continously drive innovation and reduce complexity and costs.

Tailored solutions for numerous industries

Nearly all industries can benefit from the cloud, but the requirements differ. We provide tools and services for various sectors: from secure multi-cloud environments for financial and insurance companies to tracking solutions for retail, travel, transport, and logistics to cloud platforms for the public sector and more. In every case, our experts can help you in a wide range of ways, such as by providing AI or ML tools and training the algorithms specifically for your business. Thanks to our partnerships with businesses such as SAP, you also get access to analysis and other valuable tools.

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