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Yamaha Motors: Modernization of legacy systems

Modernizing applications and business processes enhances productivity and efficiency across the organization

Reengineers the most critical production systems combined with an agile review model

Yamaha Brasil produced approximately 150,000 motorcycles per year before the epidemic, and by 2023, the company was producing more than 300,000 motorcycles annually. This has increased the complexity of the ecosystem, resulting in additional obstacles and bottlenecks. With the reengineering project, T-Systems is supporting the customer in transforming their outdated legacy systems into a streamlined and agile digital infrastructure.

The challenge

  • Repositioning of the company, with a greater focus on a more connected, digital world
  • Modernizing the application environment
  • Fostering a data culture throughout the organization

A very important point that was critical for us is the experience that T-Systems has in this environment, it has years, decades of experience in the automotive industry and when we talk about application modernization, we are not just talking about applications, we are talking about business processes.

Fernando Rostock, Former CIO, Yamaha Motor do Brasil

“So, we looked for a partner who had experience in these functional areas of manufacturing, logistics, and HR in our industry. So, T-Systems not only helped us understand the difficulties we were having in the systems but also brought a new perspective to the business processes we have in our operations.”, stated Fernando Rostock.

The solution

  • Reengineering project for Yamaha Motors to modernize the legacy systems
  • Reengineering the most critical production systems combined with an agile review model 
  • Design Thinking workshops to identify and direct the strategic roadmap
  • Technological stack to create inputs and set up the DevOps platform
  • Visual development was completed by UI/UX specialists
  • Utilizing Scrum/KANBAN, which used manual and automated tests to create a unique, bespoke model

Customer benefits

  • Supporting operations, simplifying integrations, and increasing the usability of the systems
  • Enhanced performance, faster response times, and reduced downtime
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Faster transaction processing, personalized services, and improved accessibility for higher customer satisfaction levels rapidly
  • Launch new products, faster services, and stay ahead of industry trends

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About Yamaha Motor do Brasil

Yamaha Motor do Brasil was founded in 1970 and is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company operates in the wholesale and retail trade of motorcycles, parts, and accessories. Before the epidemic, Yamaha Brasil produced approximately 150,000 motorcycles per year, and by 2023, it was producing more than 300,000 motorcycles annually.

Yamaha Motor do Brasil

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