Gray cartons are stacked on pallets in a warehouse.

Low Cost Tracker: smart tracking of critical goods

Intelligent devices allow you to keep an eye on the transport of critical goods

Small solution, big effect

Whether it be respiratory masks, protective clothing, or disinfectants – goods that are of vital importance in times of corona crisis are regularly lost or stolen. The complete and uninterrupted supply of these items is an essential basis for doctors and medical staff to continue their work with patients and to protect themselves in the process.

Know where the supplies are

A woman in a doctor's coat is holding a tablet in her hand and points to the display.

The Low Cost Tracker automatically sends information via the Internet of Things when a shipment leaves the planned position after the start of the transport, if an unexpected vibration occurs, or the temperature inside the delivery container changes. By attaching the device to the goods and using the tracker software, you maintain control of the shipment. You can also follow the information on mobile devices such as tablets or mobile phones.

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Collect real-time data in the cloud

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The intelligent, compact device works energy-efficiently using mobile phone technology. The complete solution consisting of device, tracker software, connectivity, platform and service makes smart application possible – and at a reasonable price. Its application in logistics is beneficial both for the monitoring of reusable load carriers and for the tracking of goods in one-off deliveries. Simply attach the tracker to the goods and you’re good to go. All data is gathered in real time in the cloud and can be viewed at any time on the T-Systems IoT platform via an easy-to-operate web portal.

The advantages at a glance:

Wide variety of measured values

Location, motion detection, ambient temperature, vibration detection

Maximum security

The goods trackers are always accessible via the reliable Telekom mobile network. The processing of the data is subject to the strict European data protection law.

Smart application

Clear administration and system connection as well as easy installation. Robust, waterproof, and a long battery life (up to 5 years with the Low Cost Tracker Plus)

Low costs

Thanks to the low prices for the overall solution, the Low Cost Tracker is also worth its while for tracking one-off deliveries.

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