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Digital car dealer

Improved service with Customer Experience Management Automotive

  • Digital car dealership solutions for Sales and Service 
  • Customer information available on every terminal device, securely from the Cloud
  • Data synchronization with the Dealer-Management-System (DMS)
  • Efficient processes for a digital customer experience

Cloud-Platform for increased efficiency in car dealership

If one buys a vehicle today or brings it to a workshop, he expects a continuous support from his car dealer through digital and mobile technologies. T-Systems facilitates the digitization of processes by offering the Cloud platform “Customer Experience Management Automotive” to car dealers. Thus, dealers and workshops can enhance the customer experience and work more efficiently.

Book new services in a flexible manner

The car dealers can individually select various solution modules. Based on a basic module, with rudimentary CRM functions, the appointments to the workshop can be booked online depending on the workload and availability of personnel. This also enables the view to view information of the customers and vehicles at a glance.
The Customer-Experience-Management-Platform, which is based on the Customer-Relationship-Management-Platform of Salesforce, is always available as a Web portal on every mobile terminal device. The data which has been generated is directly transferred to the Dealer-Management-System in use.
Module of Customer Experience Management Automotive
Module of Customer Experience Management Automotive
 The car dealers can select appropriate features for the workshop or showroom from various digitization modules.

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“We have increased the productive time in the workshop by six percent with the Customer Experience Management Automotive.”
Mike Achilles, Autohaus Georg Diekmann GmbH, Bremerhaven

Available digital solution modules for car dealers

The basic module “Automotive Basis” forms a basis for Customer Experience Management Automotive with simple Customer-Relation-Management functions as well as comprehensive functions such as Chatter, Lightning Sync and CTI Connector.
Customer Experience Management Automotive
If a customer approaches a vehicle in the showroom, he shall immediately receive information about the vehicle in an already downloaded App. The car dealer can also analyze the customer interest with the CEM-Module “Proximity”. With an additional function “Electronic Price Tags”, the car dealer can instantly customize the prices.
Whether consultation, service or test drive – with the CEM module “Mobile Appointments”, the car dealer customer can request appointments with the help of an App. Individual services and packages can also be selected. The customer gets a reminder about his appointment with a push messages  being sent to the App.
The module “Smart Workshop Planning” facilitates the simplified scheduling of appointments and always displays the capacity utilization of the workshop as well as the employees’ period of absence. Thus, the service appointments and resources can be planned effectively and the tire storage can also be managed subsequently.
With the module „sCheck“, the service employees can take the vehicles for servicing in a mobile manner and in close collaboration with the customers. The employee can go through a checklist and can document the defects. The data is automatically transferred to the Dealer-Management-System. The DAT (Deutsche Automobil Treuhand) data is also integrated. The employee can analyze the vehicle value and is able to calculate the maintenance efforts.
With the “Tracking” module, the car dealer is informed about the vehicle location of a customer and the service measures which have been initiated. A Bluetooth transmitter in the vehicle and corresponding receivers at the car dealer location form a basis for the same. The vehicle can be tracked even during the test drive using the GPS. The module is also suitable for a fleet of vehicles.
If a customer provides feedback about his car dealer visit, the service consultant can record the same in the CEM portal with the help of the module “Feedback Management”. The car dealer manages the overall complaint and approval process via a web interface, handles complaints, enables the superiors to exercise controls and views the reports in real-time.
The module “Predictive Aftersales”, with Big Data analysis, derives the sales potentials for specific vehicles and interesting Aftersales campaigns from the service history of numerous vehicles. 
The car dealers map their sales processes with the CRM-Module “Automotive Sales”- from the first contact to campaigns, sales prospects and also intelligent forecasts. The customer data can be generated with the social media information. 
The module “360 Grad View” [360 degree view] consolidates all the relevant information of a customer and his vehicle as a digital customer and vehicle record. This includes financing data, Connected-Car data and workshop orders. The employees can thus collaborate with the customer immediately and in a competent manner.
In addition to some modules, the car dealers can communicate with the customers via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Telegram– in case of any defect in the vehicle in the workshop. Another option: An App, which scans the business cards and records them as a new contact in the Customer Experience Management.


Customer Experience Management Automotive Benefits

  • Knowing which visitor was interested in which vehicle – at anytime, even outside business hours
  • Create personalized offers
  • Quantified and qualified analysis
  • Usage of social media information from the customer analysis
  • Vehicle receipt is done directly with the customer at the vehicle. This enables the interactive integration of the customer into the service process.
  • Mobile service receipt including direct pricing information on vehicle-based services and packages
  • Documentation of damages
  • Booking of appointments online and mobile – from the test drive to the service appointment
  • Data transfer directly from the mobile device of the dealer to the Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Transparency of the vehicle location during the whole service process and on the dealer ground
  • View the actual process step of each vehicle in the service and receive the ensure a timely collection of the vehicle



CEM Automotive - the connection between OEM, dealer, garage and customer

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Customer Experience Management in the digital age

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If the car dealers and workshops enhance their Customer Experience Management, they can effectively monitor the development of automotive trade  on the internet. This is also evident from the survey of puls marketing research : More than half of the German car buyers have a unique experience during their visit to a car dealer. The reasons: Professional consulting and the opportunity to have a test drive. However: The car dealers cannot be relaxed, as the consumers are well-informed – with internet and social media. They also expect digital progress before buying a car. 62 percent of worldwide consumers, for instance, in the Cars Online Study 2017 of Capgemini were interested in a product demonstration via Virtual Reality.

Digital customer experience

The car dealers would always like to have an access to all the customer data – when is their next appointment and which engine oil has been purchased recently. However, the car dealers can sometimes store the customer and appointment data in various systems and they do not synchronize it with the Dealer-Management-System. Thus, this can lead to a prolonged search by information, to errors and finally to unsatisfied customers.

Experience digitization on-site

The customer also expects that he can have access to his car dealers or workshops through multiple digital channels: via WhatsApp, Homepage, Social Media or through Chat.
On site – in the showroom or in the workshop – the digital technology can always be helpful in better customer understanding and gathering information and thus lead to customer satisfaction. The use of mobile terminal devices is indispensable. Another benefit of Smartphone and Tablet: They help in accelerating the processes. Instead of using fixed PC, the employees can directly answer the queries at the vehicle.

Individual digitization

With the focus on car dealership of the future, the Lead Management, Point-of-Sale- activities as well as service-offers use Aftersales services, which have been exactly customized as per the requirements of the customer. With Customer Experience Management Automotive, T-Systems covers all the requirements of modern, digital car dealer and thus, enables every car dealer to customize his personal digitization package.

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