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Digitalization for public administration

T-Systems is charting a new path to digital transformation for Tarragona City Council (Spain)

Deployment of TAO 2.0, the integrated municipal management platform from T-Systems

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The Tarragona City Council in Spain has decided to move away from outdated IT, isolated storage silos, and vertical processes and to start on a path to digitalization that will enable it to improve service delivery and process design, as well as achieve greater transparency, interoperability, and citizen satisfaction. This will improve efficiency, collaboration and quality of service not only for citizens, but also for the more than 1,000 employees. Tarragona is an important port city in the northeast of the Spanish region of Catalonia that is home to a population of around 130,000. The municipality is relying on T-Systems' expertise to manage the transition. The project is based on TAO, T-Systems' service offering for public administration, and T-Systems' private cloud. This solution will consolidate the different vertical domains and simplify the technological infrastructure of the municipality.

Customer’s benefits

Digital transformation is a long process. Switching from eight or nine different vendor solutions to a single end-to-end platform that provides a complete overview of the different areas is key, especially for the more than 1,000 employees of Tarragona City Council, who are now equipped with the right resources to meet the needs of the city’s 130,000 residents. T-Systems is one of the few experienced service providers that has the expertise to successfully implement large digital transformation projects for public administrative bodies in Spain and is a reliable partner for this twelve-year process.

The focus for the eight years to come will be on the analysis, development, and monitoring of solutions.

Pep Budi, ICT General Manager for Tarragona City Council

The challenge

The public sector is increasingly relying on digitalization and new technologies to drive change in response to the need to improve the productivity and efficiency of processes and to intensify collaboration. Initiatives for change and transformation projects call for comprehensive digital transformation in order to ensure better results and higher productivity. On top of this, cities have to meet requirements to achieve sustainability goals with the European Green Deal while strengthening digital infrastructure. Tarragona City Council has been struggling with inefficient processes for a long time due to the vertical approach of municipal management.

Each administrative department had multiple heterogeneous solutions, including the tax and collection system, accounting, administrative records, civil registry, and so on. Within this ecosystem, solutions from different vendors and in-house developments were being used side-by-side in a site-specific set-up, resulting in information silos and, in many cases, time-consuming, ineffective, and even unreliable processes. The result: Citizens were forced to knock on multiple doors to resolve a single concern, as there were no integrated systems and citizen processes were inefficient.

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The solution

In order to improve interactions with citizens, increase transparency, and achieve sustainability goals, Tarragona City Council has teamed up with T-Systems to undertake a comprehensive, twelve-year digitalization project that encompasses all administrative areas and will boost their interconnectivity. The digital transformation project involves migrating the existing legacy systems to a single efficient model. The project follows a step-by-step approach and is divided into two phases to ensure consistent cooperation, coordination, and harmonization between the different departments.

In the first phase of the full transformation, which will take four years, T-Systems will be introducing solutions for each administrative area and adapting the work schedule to reflect the requirements of the municipality. The transition to the TAO smart city platform will begin as soon as the contract for the current solutions expires. The second phase, which is scheduled for the eight years thereafter, will monitor and analyze the performance of the systems to ensure that they meet the needs of the municipality. TAO 2.0, a smart city platform, will be rolled out as part of the project, bringing together city services and municipal services. This will provide solutions for all areas of public administration: tax collection, economic administration, resident's registration office, administrative files, citizens' files, etc.

The TAO system for public administration is one of the most widespread solutions in Spain and is currently used by more than 22 million Spanish citizens (almost half of the country's population). T-Systems will also deploy other solutions in addition to TAO, including Syrah Solutions. Developed by T-Systems, Syrah Solutions is used for big data and data analytics to measure and monitor compliance with municipal sustainability goals. The solution was developed in collaboration with twenty Spanish municipalities and features a configurable sustainability dashboard that allows public and private organizations to set, visualize, measure, and monitor sustainability indicators, and is already being used successfully by many public administration bodies in Spain. In connection with this, T-Systems will offer cross-departmental solutions, including biometric signatures for the citizen's office, secure signatures on mobile devices for civil servants and administrative employees, and support for proactive services through data analysis and the provision of services for the automated processing of administrative procedures for citizens.

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