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The hospital from the public cloud

Indonesian hospital group Mitra Keluarga migrating its IT to AWS with help from T-Systems

Solid foundation for both internal and cross-site hospital processes

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With the successful migration of its SAP systems, T-System has given Mitra Keluarga’s – MIKA’s for short – sourcing a new basis. Hospital operations remained uninterrupted during the migration process. The central IT systems now come from the AWS Cloud. As a result, the health service provider benefits from improved reliability due to the more stable and scalable infrastructures. The services are available at all times. Capacities for an in-house infrastructure no longer need to be provided as MIKA acquires the infrastructures as a complete service. The hospital’s IT team can now manage the SAP and non-SAP applications itself. All reporting and security mechanisms have been established. 

MIKA again has a solid foundation through which the hospitals’ internal and cross-site processes such as the assignment of the operating theaters and beds as well as the analytics are reliably supported. However, the future is even more important in the eyes of Johan Soegiarto, Corporate IT Director of MIKA: “By operating in the AWS cloud, we have made ourselves future proof. In the event of further acquisitions, new locations can be quickly connected to the central backend. In doing so, we ensure that work is carried out with the same efficient processes throughout the company.”

The benefits:

  • Hospital operations not compromised during migration
  • Stable, fail-safe, and scalable infrastructure
  • Foundation for further digitalization
  • Extremely fast turn-around

With T-Systems’ help, we were able to transfer our applications to a more powerful infrastructure without any downtimes.

Johan Soegiarto, Corporate IT Director of MIKA

Smooth operations of the clinic processes

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MIKA’s core expertise is patient care but not only in a medical sense of the word; MIKA also offers excellent care in terms of patient administration. MIKA also offers a high level of professionalism in terms of hospital management as a service on the market. The health service provider uses external IT providers to operate the infrastructure of the SAP systems. 

In the past, the clinical IT repeatedly failed which resulted in significant disruption to patient care. MIKA therefore decided to replace the transitional on-premises operation and migrate the systems to the AWS Cloud. The objective of this process is to ensure service availability, especially for critical business workloads. The perspective for a future-oriented structure was clear – especially in light of the fact that AWS will establish a new cloud region in Indonesia in the medium-term. However, the transfer of the entire hospital IT from on-premise systems to the public cloud was a challenge for the hospital. The IT staff had no experience with such a migration.  

The challenge

  • Repeated outages of the hospital group’s IT
  • Hospital management via SAP and non-SAP systems
  • The solution needs to support the hospital group’s growth trajectory 

We are pleased to support Mitra Keluarga Hospital to migrate their business critical applications to a cloud-based infrastructure. We completed migration in record timeline of three months, without any downtime during the COVID19. With migration to Cloud Mitra Keluarga has stabilised system which also provides scalability and flexibility.

Sameer Salunkhe, VP Delivery of T-Systems Singapore

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Relying on T-Systems to bridge the gap to a new SAP world

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MIKA needed a reliable partner who offered both AWS expertise as well as SAP experience and opted for T-Systems who is currently implementing SAP Healthcare for the hospital chain. T-Systems developed a blueprint for the migration and assumed the entire migration process. This included the setup and organization of the new infrastructure on the AWS cloud in Singapore, including the network setup, the migration of SAP and non-SAP systems, and establishment of a secure access concept via multi-factor authentication, password policies, and a central identity and access management. The entire migration process was fully completed in a record time of only three months – from February to April 2020 – during the global coronavirus pandemic. On conclusion of the project, the complete application landscape runs on AWS – from the development systems through to the production systems.

The solution

  • New cloud sourcing strategy: from an on-premise solution to the AWS Cloud
  • T-Systems developed the blueprint and migrated SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Transfer into the AWS Cloud in Singapore, incl. network set-up, secure access concept using multi-factor authentication, password policies, and centralized identity and access management
  • Lift & shift approach: AWS infrastructure set-up and installation of SAP systems, followed by a transfer of data from existing systems

About Mitra Keluarga (MIKA)

Mitra Keluarga, or MIKA for short, is a company offering premium health services in Indonesia. Complex operations as well as X-rays and analyses are performed in the Group’s hospitals. The first hospital was founded in 1989 and the group has continuously grown, not only by building new hospitals but also by acquiring existing ones – most recently in Cibinong and Subang. MIKA currently operates almost 3,000 beds in 25 hospitals. More than 7,700 medical staff care for over 2.9 million patients each year. The company went public in 2015. 

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