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White paper: mobility data and AI transforming public transport

Experience urban mobility through the lens of AI

Unlock the future of urban mobility with AI-driven integration

Discover how the integration of diverse mobility data sources sets the stage for transformation in local public transport and creates a dynamic urban mobility ecosystem. Explore the practical applications, showcasing how mobility data and AI can transform the commuter experience, enhance safety, minimise environmental impact, and create smarter cities. Learn about our cutting-edge solutions in action, backed by real-world examples of their impact.

T-Systems’ and GeoMobile’s solutions for smart urban mobility

  • Data and data sources in local public transport
  • Use cases for local public transport of the future
  • Solutions and project examples   

Join us on this exciting journey towards a future where urban public transport is smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Our white paper is your gateway to understanding the possibilities that lie ahead.


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