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Data protection as a managed service

T-Systems partners with AWS to launch data protection as a managed service in the cloud

01 March 2022

Benefit from strong data security protocols in the cloud

T-Systems now offers data protection as a managed service in the AWS Cloud. The AWS Premier Consulting Partner will manage encryption, and create and implement transparent residency controls for customers’ data. The company will also offer local technical support to customers in a secure cloud environment, adhering to the latest AWS Security best practices.

Ensuring compliance with the EU security guidelines

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The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires all organizations that process the personal data of EU data subjects to take appropriate measures to protect personal data. With data protection as a managed service, T-Systems supports clients to adhere to the GDPR requirements, while benefitting from the innovation speed, scalability, breadth and depth AWS cloud services offer.

Data protection as a managed service – four principal components

  • Data confidentiality, is provided by T-Systems as the managed services partner for the cryptographic methods used in the cloud. T-Systems will provide guidance on what cloud encryption tools to use depending on the data classification in scope. Customers can be assured that the right level of encryption is being applied to protect their data.
  • Management of data residency within the European Economic Area (EEA): With T-Systems customers can easily manage tasks associated with controlling data access and location through a managed service. 
  • European-based customer support, with T-Systems as managed service provider delivering partner-led enterprise support on AWS. The operational support team for the customer workloads will be located within the EEA. 
  • Trusted cloud landing zone, configured and operated by T-Systems. Customers can ensure they adhere to AWS Security best practices. Proven by Telekom´s Privacy and Security Assessment (PSA), the landing zone uses preventive and detective guardrails to enable managed security features like auto-compliance remediation and security incidence response

State-of-the-art technology and expertise in data protection

One of the first customers for data protection as a managed service is cargodian. The young company from Bavaria offers next generation trade financing based on blockchain technology. Says founder and CEO Peter Selmayr: “The challenge was to implement our business model deploying state-of-the-art technology solutions fully cloud-based, accessible for our customers globally, applying European data governance. T-Systems’ expertise in data protection on AWS and clarity of what measures are specifically relevant to our use case has been instrumental in helping us move forward at the right pace.”

Our approach to managed cloud relies on, as the very first step, embedding our Telekom Security DNA in the cloud. AWS is continuously innovating and we have deep experience of their security capabilities and how to deploy these at scale.

Frank Strecker, SVP Global Cloud Computing & Big Data at T-Systems

Klaus Bürg, General Manager for AWS in DACH, added: “Earning customer trust is a key pillar of our business. We give our customers confidence that the right security and privacy measures are in place to protect their data. We also know that helping customers secure their data in a world with evolving regulations, technology, and risks takes teamwork. That’s why we are really excited about this collaboration with T-Systems.”

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