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Market launch for Catena-X: these are T-Systems offers

Automotive industry data ecosystem now available to all

18 October 2023

First certified all-in-one offer for connecting to Catena-X from T-Systems

The test phase is competed – now Catena-X is available for everyone. After a test phase with around 50 participants, the automotive industry's data ecosystem Catena-X is now on the market. The first certified complete package for connecting to Catena-X comes from T-Systems. Customers register once with Catena-X – T-Systems takes care of everything else. T-Systems advises customers, connects participants and accelerates data exchange. As the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House, T-Systems also verifies new participants for Catena-X.

Also from T-Systems: verification of participants, app for circular economy

Catena-X enables more resilient and flexible supply chain management. Thanks to end-to-end digital documentation, manufacturers can, for example, determine the entire carbon footprint or trace individual parts. As the example of car recycler LRP shows, transparent supply chains provide the answer as to whether it is worth recycling a car or not. Standardised data exchange and cross-company applications offer all companies - from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations - investment security, as well as strengthening their competitiveness in the long term.

More information about the T-Systems offer

More information about the Catena-X apps

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