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Behind the scenes of the T-Systems Image film

26 April 2022

Curtain up, action!

Digital, innovative, and sustainable – the image film from T-System is all of these things. By using the huge, digitally controllable LED green screen with three-dimensional scenes, it was possible to capture the new company strategy and its industrial focus (automotive, health, public industry, and public transport) in a digital and visionary way. Instead of flying around the world for the various settings, the entire film was created in the Hyperbowl Studio in Penzing.

How real and filmed worlds meld into one

Shooting of the T-Systems Brand Film with backdrop in the background

Commercials, like the new image film from T-Systems, are often prepared over several months and filmed at several different locations. But there is also another way. In this case, the use of innovative technologies made for a more efficient and sustainable production. Instead of lots of traveling and days on set, the recordings for the film were made on just one day in the Hyperbowl company's studio in Penzing near Passau in Bavaria. For the past two years, this has been the location of a 270-degree LED screen with 500 m² video area for high-end film productions.

The future of film production meets the future of digitalization

Anyone interested in forward-thinking film productions and innovative technologies can look behind the scenes of the T-Systems image film, where filmed and virtual worlds are convincingly melded into one.

Within a short space of time, we have succeeded in producing a convincing film full of various motifs and actors. This is because T-Systems has the courage to act as a digital and sustainable leader in all its ventures – film production is no exception.

Fabian Weigt, Managing Director of the production company Stereo Films

Digital playground

Shooting of the T-Systems Brand Film with car

On the search for suitable locations, the team dived into various virtual but hyper-realistic representations of forests, office landscapes, and hospitals. From the camera angle to the lighting mood – the film team was able to adapt the projection parameters at will. What's special about the LED screen: the background image is adjusted to the position of the camera to create a three-dimensional perspective. When the camera moves, the digitally calculated background image moves along with it thanks to several high-performance computers.

Where the sun always shines

Film Director Harun Hazar was enthusiastic about the filming in the Hyperbowl Studio: “While it was snowing outside, we were able to simulate sunny scenes in the studio and quickly switch between the settings at the same time.” More advantages of the studio filming: The production team saved time, costs, and a whole load of emissions which would have been generated by numerous flights. The entire production only took two months; including rehearsals, the team spent two days in the Hyperbowl Studio. Meetings via video conferencing and the short time in the studio also facilitated adherence to coronavirus protection measures.

A touch of Hollywood

In recent years, virtual productions using an LED screen have been on the rise in Hollywood. The company Hyperbowl developed the technology for commercials. “Hyperbowl enables maximum immersion and demonstrates how digitalization will change the film production of the future,” says Creative Director Julian Krüger. At the same time, the medium becomes a message. “We at T-Systems want to set an innovative and visionary example. The production of our image film has been a success,” says Annette Brugger, Vice President of Marketing Communications at T-Systems International.

T-Systems image film

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