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Security for cloud services with CASB

Transparency and security for cloud services with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Transparency and security together

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides transparency and detects unauthorized shadow IT, regulates cloud use, and strengthens cloud security. It analyzes, controls, and logs the communication between the pseudonymized users and the cloud application. With CASB, companies can extend the control provided by internal security policies to cloud services.

Shadow IT analysis

A CASB solution analyzes log files and identifies all cloud applications used in the company. It categorizes and describes the cloud services – and classifies their risk potential. This provides transparency while enabling the evaluation and blocking of risky cloud services.

Monitoring of cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 or Salesforce

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User activities and file movements can be evaluated and controlled via interfaces to various cloud services. A CASB solution analyzes the content and structure of files in cloud applications, enabling visibility and the control of files that are no longer under the direct control of your infrastructure. As a result of this, it offers a complete data loss prevention solution for various SaaS platforms.

White paper: IT security in the cloud age

Risks are lurking in the cloud. A holistic security concept is therefore a must. Which aspects should a cloud security strategy include?

Protect data and user accounts against attacks

Based on behavioral patterns, A CASB solution examines user accounts for log-in attempts, unusual upload rates, download rates, or document types, for example. Malicious files are detected and rendered harmless by anti-virus protection.

Monitor and control shadow IT

The unfiltered use of cloud services represents a challenge for many companies. Confidential and business-critical data is processed or exchanged using insecure apps. These data leaks can result in the loss of intellectual property and violate compliance and privacy regulations. CASB Solution makes cloud usage transparent while identifying security risks. Data sharing and conspicuous user behavior are detected. By monitoring compromised data and encrypting sensitive content, it prevents hackers from stealing data.

Securing the cloud with CASB solution

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  • Analyze and control the use of cloud services by selecting secure cloud apps
  • Create and monitor security policies for SaaS applications
  • Optimize cloud usage costs by avoiding uncontrolled cloud service subscriptions
  • Analyze unusual or risky file movements, download-values, upload-values, or user behavior
  • User authentication and encryption for all communication and data traffic
  • Alarms enable administrators to take countermeasures, adjust security policies, and block dangerous traffic

Audit at a major bank: alarming results

An audit, based on a CASB solution at a German bank, produced some alarming results. For one week, the log files of around 18,000 employees were analyzed. The result: They were using around 1,300 cloud services. The data in use was processed and stored at several hundred destinations around the world. These included some less trustworthy regions on all continents. The volume of data traffic was very high, with the upload volume being particularly high. And this, in turn, represents a significant risk.

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