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Quo vadis, IT security?

Digital transformation can only succeed with the right IT security concept – security consulting can help

Security strategy contributes to business success

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Comprehensive OT and IT baseline protection is one of the core success factors for companies that want to be successful in the long term. But hardly any other environment is as dynamic as the demands placed on IT security. New information technology, new business requirements, and strategic decisions represent a never-ending challenge for corporate security. Security and IT managers are constantly faced with the question: Can I and do I want to deal with the multitude of information security (cyber security) requirements myself? Do I need advice to anticipate rather than just to react to threats?

Cloud Security: it's time to take it seriously

Is your company all covered on the cloud front? Find out more about the ideal cloud security setup that suits your company’s needs.

Practical insights from the outside add value

It is great when you can draw on the expertise of a reliable and experienced partner like T-Systems, who listens and understands the specific challenges from their own operational practice: We will help you to analyze and evaluate the latest threats. With pragmatic best-practice tips, we will advise you on what the appropriate security concepts of the future should look like – develop plans for implementation that are optimally tailored to the company based on a cost/benefit assessment. Every day we gain experience in running and implementing security solutions.

White paper: Critical Infrastructure 2.0

What do critical infrastructure operators have to implement, what obligations – such as the detection of cyberattacks – does this involve, and how can Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH help you do this?

Security consulting tailored to your company's needs

Our IT security consultants will assist you in creating security concepts that add real value to your company: determine security needs with respect to information and technology, reduce security risks, and minimize any losses/damage. And all this will be tailored to your specific situation. While the solution can be a comprehensive IT security concept, it can also be quick inventory of your security situation, which provides a good basis for your security concept, but also for other corporate developments such as organizational and procedural changes.

We will be happy to advise you

and evaluate your strategic or acute security needs and develop IT solutions with you. Benefit from our expertise as consultants and operators of IT security solutions.

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