Factory workers working with adept robotic arm in a workshop
12 May 2022 | Security

Cyber attacks in manufacturing - hackers know your weak spots, do you?

How proactive defence strategies can destroy cyber attacks and seal manufacturing cyber security gaps.

Microsoft Partner | Azure Expert MSP Logo
04 May 2022 | Cloud Services

T-Systems recognized as Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

An important criterion here is to increase the business success of customers.

Doctor in hallway reviewing electronic health records on digital tablet
27 April 2022 | Healthcare

For today’s connected hospitals, improving “population health” begins in the cloud

The cloud offers improved efficiency, less stress, and more insights for healthcare providers.

Shooting of the T-Systems Brand Film with backdrop in the background
26 April 2022 | Press

What happens when tomorrow starts today?

Innovative, digital, sustainable: this is how the T-Systems image film came into being with the help of digital film technology in the Hyperbowl Studio.

Businessman using wireframe holographic 3D digital projection of an engine
14 April 2022 | Healthcare

How smart manufacturing can help overcome today’s supply chain crisis

Strategies to help manufacturing businesses succeed despite the digital divide.

Multiple exposure shot of a businesswoman using a digital tablet
14 April 2022 | Application Services

ServiceNow EMEA Creator Workflow Partner 2022

T-Systems is recognized as the 2022 ServiceNow EMEA Creator Workflow Partner of the Year.

CEO Adel Al-Saleh in front of the T-Systems vehicle fleet
13 April 2022 | Press

T-Systems drives electrically

T-Systems is switching its global business fleet to electric from 2022.

T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh
11 April 2022 | Press

Telekom announces extension of T-Systems’ CEO contract

Long-term strategy: Focus on growth areas.

doctor wearing face mask uses medical computer, checking patient's medical data
24 March 2022 | Healthcare

Digitalisation: a hidden hero in today’s medical sector

How digitalised healthcare platforms support medical frontliners’ heroic work.

hands holding tablet on blurred automation machine
10 March 2022 | Security

Industry 4.0: maximise its benefits, mitigate its cyber risks

How businesses can prepare for the future of “smart manufacturing” in Asia

magenta glowing shackle lock on board
01 March 2022 | Cloud Services

Data protection as a managed service

T-Systems now offers data protection as a managed service in the AWS cloud.

Hospital equipment, internet of things (IoT)
24 February 2022 | Security

Is your healthcare data fully protected by cyber security?

3 cyber security challenges faced by hospitals and medical institutions - and how they can protect themselves.

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