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Dheeraj Rawal

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Dheeraj Rawal

Dheeraj Rawal is a content marketer with T-Systems. He’s passionate about bringing out technology stories for the B2B readers. He specialises in creating content with impactful in relation to Security, Cloud, RPA and other cutting-edge technologies.

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Interior view of seld-driving car on a street
19 July 2024 | Security

How can automotives secure software-defined vehicles?

With growing cyber-attacks on vehicles, learn how OEMs can implement the right security measures.
Colorful cars lined up in a car showroom
19 June 2024 | Security

How automotives can secure their customer journey?

As customer experience in automotive transforms digitally, how can it be secured against cyber risks?
Business people discussing cyber recovery strategy
19 June 2024 | Security

Why businesses must have a cyber recovery strategy

Explore how a robust cyber recovery strategy can help businesses bounce back quickly after an attack.
A knight with a spear and a shield
14 May 2024 | Security

It’s time to go on the cyber security offensive!

Leverage automated penetration testing to detect system vulnerabilities faster than attackers.
Male professional using cybersecurity on computer
27 March 2024 | Security

Why security operations need the AI makeover

Reduce manual dependency, scale security, and improve threat detection with AI and automation.
Software developers coding and testing applications using cyber-security
29 January 2024 | Security

Attack surface management for businesses

Discover your attack surface and vulnerabilities. Minimize the attack surface with our security experts.
Man working on laptop from home, hybrid working
06 December 2023 | Security

The balancing act between security and agility

Does security suffer if firms adopt agile trends like hybrid working?
Casual office situation in a fancy loft
29 August 2023 | Security

How to Implement a Zero Trust Security Strategy

Discover common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a Zero Trust security strategy and ten essential steps.
Fancy office in warm tones with wooden floors and some office workers in it
08 August 2023 | Security

Zero Trust Security in 2023: from hype to reality

Find out why the Zero Trust approach is more relevant in today’s world of digital transformation and hybrid work.
Digital cloud world
08 June 2023 | Security

How does micro-segmentation work and slow down attackers?

What is micro-segmentation, and how does it protect your enterprise from malicious activity and cyber threats?
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