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Virtual Reality Exhibition in the Arnsberg Forest

The information center in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park offers a barrier-free, innovative 360-degree panoramic tour

Increase awareness with a virtual tour

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The LIZ (short for Landschaftsinformationszentrum „Wasser und Wald“ Möhnesee) houses a permanent exhibition covering various aspects of the nature park and the surrounding water, forest, and landscape – all spread across three floors. In 2019, the center decided to virtually open its doors as part of the Smart4You inclusion project, the aim being to make the exhibition accessible to anyone interested. In collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, the association and the district of Soest have implemented an innovative, accessible 360-degree panoramic tour of the information center.

Customer benefit

This digital solution now opens up the exhibition to a much broader spectrum of visitors via the internet and is raising the profile of the institution significantly, which can be seen in the increasing number of people visiting the center’s website. 

Through this 360-degree panoramic tour, the LIZ is leading by example in the Soest district when it comes to ensuring everyone can take part.

Jörn Peters from the Regional Development department of the Soest district 

Make exhibitions accessible to all interested parties with virtual reality

Virtuelle Darstellung eines Menschen, der durch eine VR-Brille verschiedene Objekte betrachtet.

The LIZ is no stranger to accessibility. The team wants to open up its interactive exhibition to anyone interested. However, the layout of the historic venue, which is a listed mill over 100 years old, makes it impossible to implement many ideas that would help make the exhibition more accessible. This is because, firstly, there is limited space inside the building, and, secondly, the lack of facilities such as an elevator would impede certain guests from accessing the top two floors.  All interested parties should have the opportunity to experience a virtual 360-degree panoramic tour to check out the museum at any time – without any unnecessary barriers or complications. The LIZ saw this as a compelling opportunity to pursue the prospect of offering a digital exhibition.  However, implementing a 360-degree panoramic tour requires specialized partners who are experts in virtual reality scenarios. The LIZ decided to work with Deutsche Telekom to showcase the building, exhibition, and existing accompanying content in a coherent all-in-one concept on the internet.

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Digital twin of the exhibition from the cloud

The experts at Deutsche Telekom recorded 360-degree images of the exhibition and its surroundings. The resulting data sets were subsequently processed via building information modeling and used to create a digital twin of the exhibition in the form of a virtual tour with multiple stations. This was then enhanced with audio commentaries, ultimately enabling visitors to wander through the museum on their own and even enjoy a virtual hot air balloon ride over the Arnsberg Forest. Deutsche Telekom hosts the finished panoramic images in a cloud environment in its data center, while its partner VRdirect operates the engine for the VR tour on its own cloud server.

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About the LIZ

Under the slogan “Feel, hear, see”, the LIZ is inviting visitors to come and discover its exhibition with all their senses. This information center is located in the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park and, in addition to its six full-time members of staff, is also supported by a lively team of volunteers who have banded together to form a non-profit supporting association. The LIZ has been welcoming visitors ever since 1994. Today, it houses a permanent exhibition covering various aspects of the nature park and the surrounding water, forest, and landscape – all spread across three floors.

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