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Engineer checks robotics arms for digital manufacturing
15 December 2022 | Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing SMEs and the cloud

The cloud offers cost-effective ways to modernise manufacturing processes.

Photo of a crowd of business people walking in the city
22 November 2022 | Public Sector

Impact of AI in the public sector

Advancing safer and more liveable cities with AI.

Telekom flags in front of Telekom building
08 November 2022 | Cloud Services

Telekom delivers digitalisation “Made in Germany”

Deutsche Telekom grows with business customers: New unit for digital customer experiences. T-Systems at the core of the digital strategy.

Eco-environmentally friendly green energy of sustainable development
03 November 2022 | Cloud Services

APAC’s energy sector: where AI and cloud are beating the efficiency challenge

Regional decision-makers are using AI and the cloud to find more efficient ways to use energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

AWS Control Tower Launch Partner
28 October 2022 | Cloud Services

Competence for security and compliance

T-Systems is now a partner for AWS Control Tower Services.

MAN technician checks values in a factory
13 October 2022 | Cloud Services

T-Systems brings MAN Energy Solutions into the cloud

More flexibility and scalability by moving the IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Medical healthcare Asian female doctor using modern technology
13 October 2022 | Healthcare

How AI keeps patients at the heart of healthcare

AI is advancing various industries, but what benefits does it offer to patients and providers in healthcare? Find out how AI drives the people-first perspective.

3D rendering of server network connections in a data centre room
22 September 2022 | Cloud Services

Is co-location the key to unlocking the potential of data centres?

Learn how businesses use co-location to meet the demands of rapid digitalisation—without the need to build out their own data centres.

Hand holding digital globe
16 September 2022 | Press

AWS Transfer Family service delivery designation

T-Systems becomes service delivery launch partner for AWS Transfer Family.

T-Systems and VM Ware
13 September 2022 | Press

T-Systems builds Center of Excellence for the Cloud on VMware

The closer partnership with VMware will make the transition to the cloud easier, faster and less costly for organisations.

Top view of highway road junctions showing the complexity of systems.
08 September 2022 | Press

Get onboard SASE: four letters that secure the cloud

To secure today’s complex network infrastructures, the solution is in the cloud: SASE effectively deals with extremely distributed, cloud-based networks.

Server cabinets in the dark connected with bright colored lines
08 September 2022 | Press

T-Systems brings Continental's SAP to the private cloud

One of Germany's largest SAP system landscapes is moving to the cloud.

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