Double portrait of Adel Al-Saleh and Ferri Abolhassan
13 October 2023 | Strategy and Consulting

Ferri Abolhassan new Board member of T-Systems as of 2024

Adel Al-Saleh to leave the Group and become new CEO of satellite operator SES.

 Padlock on circuit board
05 October 2023 | Cloud Services

T-Systems is expanding its Google Cloud offering

T-Systems renews Premier Partner status and adds Security Specialisation to Google Cloud offering.

A factory worker analysing data thanks to IIoT
28 September 2023 | Manufacturing Industries

Industrial Internet of Things: connecting tomorrow’s factories today

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) helps factories and industries to better connect their processes, allowing for greater productivity to compete ahead.

You can see a car key and a vehicle on the assembly line in production
15 September 2023 | Automotive

1st certified complete offer for connection to Catena-X

T-Systems brings manufacturers and suppliers into the automotive data ecosystem.

Data Center in Biere outdoor shot from afar
07 September 2023 | Sustainability Services

European Code of Conduct Award for data center in Biere

The European Commission has presented the T-Systems data center in Biere with the European Code of Conduct Award.

DNA strand and sequencing being analysed
04 September 2023 | Healthcare

AI & Biotechnology: a potent combination for drug breakthroughs

Artificial intelligence has the potential to spur a paradigm shift in biotechnology. It allows for the faster development of drugs, vaccines and new medical discoveries.

Bhuvaneswari GA. Managing Director of T-Systems Singapore
18 August 2023 | Press

Bhuvaneswari GA. joins T-Systems Asia as new Managing Director

Bhuvaneswari GA. joins T-Systems Asia as new Managing Director on 14 August, 2023.

Transparent Cube with a Cloud inside
17 August 2023 | Cloud Services

ISG recognises services in Google Cloud landscape

T-Systems receives “Leader” and “Rising Star” status within Google partner ecosystem by leading analyst.

Illustration of a quantum computer with IQM and T-Systems logo
24 July 2023 | Quantum Computing

T-Systems will be provided access to IQM quantum systems

T-Systems enterprise customers will have access to IQM quantum systems through the cloud.

A healthcare professional using cloud solutions in their daily work
11 July 2023 | Healthcare

Is digital transformation the answer to healthcare’s inflation crisis?

With inflation affecting consumers’ affordability, healthcare providers are turning to hybrid digital solutions to provide patient-centric care.

A woman monitoring an advanced manufacturing floor
29 June 2023 | Manufacturing Industries

A crucial competitive game-changer for Asian SMEs: Digitalisation

Digitalisation offers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the ability to punch well above their weight to better compete in today’s globalised world.

Futuristic car drives through a well-lit tunnel
07 June 2023 | Cloud Services

AWS and T-Systems to develop dataspace test environment

First sandbox development environment for the automotive industry based on Eclipse and Gaia-X in the US.

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