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Businessman using wireframe holographic 3D digital projection of an engine
14 April 2022 | Healthcare

How smart manufacturing can help overcome today’s supply chain crisis

Strategies to help manufacturing businesses succeed despite the digital divide.

Multiple exposure shot of a businesswoman using a digital tablet
14 April 2022 | Digital

ServiceNow EMEA Creator Workflow Partner 2022

T-Systems is recognized as the 2022 ServiceNow EMEA Creator Workflow Partner of the Year.

CEO Adel Al-Saleh in front of the T-Systems vehicle fleet
13 April 2022 | Press

T-Systems drives electrically

T-Systems is switching its global business fleet to electric from 2022.

T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh
11 April 2022 | Press

Telekom announces extension of T-Systems’ CEO contract

Long-term strategy: Focus on growth areas.

doctor wearing face mask uses medical computer, checking patient's medical data
24 March 2022 | Healthcare

Digitalisation: a hidden hero in today’s medical sector

How digitalised healthcare platforms support medical frontliners’ heroic work.

hands holding tablet on blurred automation machine
10 March 2022 | Security

Industry 4.0: maximise its benefits, mitigate its cyber risks

How businesses can prepare for the future of “smart manufacturing” in Asia

magenta glowing shackle lock on board
01 March 2022 | Cloud Services

Data protection as a managed service

T-Systems now offers data protection as a managed service in the AWS cloud.

Hospital equipment, internet of things (IoT)
24 February 2022 | Security

Is your healthcare data fully protected by cyber security?

3 cyber security challenges faced by hospitals and medical institutions - and how they can protect themselves.

Screenshot Covid-19 Certificates Check
23 February 2022 | Healthcare

Checking COVID-19 certificate

World Health Organization selects T-Systems as industry partner.

CEO Tim Hoettges und Google-CEO Sundar Pichai
01 February 2022 | Cloud Services

Deutsche Telekom and Google expand partnership

Innovations in messaging, cloud services and TV optimize customer experience.

Login, User, secure access to user's personal information
27 January 2022 | Security

2022's Asia-Pacific cyber security environment – top threats, key opportunities

How hard lessons learned in 2021 will be put to use in the year ahead.

Automobile Engineers Designing Electric Car
21 January 2022 | Automotive

T-Systems joins ASAM

Plans to get involved in shaping cloud-based diagnostic concepts for software-defined cars.

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