Man working on laptop from home, hybrid working
06 December 2023 | Security

The balancing act between security and agility

Does security suffer if firms adopt agile trends like hybrid working?

Businessman jumping for joy
05 December 2023 | Cloud Services

Why the SAP world still needs agility

If you want to remain competitive, you have to rely on automation and the cloud and operate more sustainably.

29 November 2023 | Security

Thinking about cyber security in compliance

How companies can meet their compliance requirements with intelligent security solutions – and strengthen their resilience.

Two working men on a path in a crop field close to wind power stations.
29 November 2023 | Cloud Services

Greener together?

Partnerships pay off. Because sustainable ideas multiply. And co-creation strengthens green skills.

Business team digital device technology connecting concept
20 November 2023 | Public Sector

Celebrating two decades of “digital governance”

Read about how T-Systems helped Generalitat de Catalunya successfully embrace digitalisation over the past two decades.

Casual office situation in a fancy loft
29 August 2023 | Security

How to Implement a Zero Trust Security Strategy

Discover common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a Zero Trust security strategy and ten essential steps.

Close up portrait of software engineer working on a computer, line of code reflected in their glasses.
24 August 2023 | Application Services

How do SAP applications run faster and better?

Stable SAP landscapes and maximum performance are crucial for success. Why SAP Application Management is the basis.

Office building with green window façade against blue sky
21 August 2023 | Sustainability Services

How sovereign cloud helps the environment

While public clouds conserve resources, the sovereign cloud also helps with compliance and data protection guidelines.

Fancy office in warm tones with wooden floors and some office workers in it
08 August 2023 | Security

Zero Trust Security in 2023: from hype to reality

Find out why the Zero Trust approach is more relevant in today’s world of digital transformation and hybrid work.

Old businessman holds phone fixed to a cloud-shaped balloon
05 July 2023 | Cloud Services

The route to sovereignty

What is the meaning behind the buzzword and what significance does sovereignty have for digitalisation?

Digital cloud world
08 June 2023 | Security

How does micro-segmentation work and slow down attackers?

What is micro-segmentation, and how does it protect your enterprise from malicious activity and cyber threats?

Two Women are walking next to each other in an office, both are smiling
19 January 2022 | Intelligent Automation

How does New Work apply to Gen Z?

T-Systems’ Chief Tomorrow Officer explains what Generation Z workers really want, and how to future-proof your business by asking the right questions.

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