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White paper: data modernisation in manufacturing industry

Learn how to modernise data for a resilient and efficient manufacturing system with Google Cloud Platform

Leveraging data treasures of the manufacturing industry

Over the last few years, the manufacturing industry has experienced a challenging journey. The ongoing geopolitical turmoil, the pandemic and climate changes are creating a great deal of hurdles. An easy way to circumvent these hiccups is to take more informed decisions beforehand, which is only possible if data insights are clear, anticipatory and effective. With T-Systems and Google Cloud Platform, the journey to data driven success is now available for everyone.

In this white paper, we cover:

  • The trends and factors influencing manufacturing resilience 
  • Key parts of a resilient manufacturing and supply chain strategy based on industrial data management and their establishment
  • Best practices in manufacturing data management and analytics
  • How Google Cloud and T-Systems partnership can support a modern, resilient, and data-driven organisation


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