A knight with a spear and a shield
14 May 2024 | Security

It’s time to go on the cyber security offensive!

Leverage automated penetration testing to detect system vulnerabilities faster than attackers.

Thumb being scanned
04 April 2024 | Data Intelligence

Enabling trust in dataspaces

Trusted partners T-Systems and OpenCorporates join hands to make this happen for clients.

Male professional using cybersecurity on computer
27 March 2024 | Security

Why security operations need the AI makeover

Reduce manual dependency, scale security, and improve threat detection with AI and automation.

19 January 2024 | Security

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™: cyber security trends 2024

There was a lot of talk about cyber security in Barcelona. You can find out what developments we can expect here.

Employee with VR glasses in an abstract office building
10 January 2024 | Security

Better protection for the digital workplace and IoT devices

Cyber security in decentralised environments: know exactly what is happening in the IT systems and the network with SIEM.

Man working on laptop from home, hybrid working
06 December 2023 | Security

The balancing act between security and agility

Does security suffer if firms adopt agile trends like hybrid working?

29 November 2023 | Security

Thinking about cyber security in compliance

How companies can meet their compliance requirements with intelligent security solutions – and strengthen their resilience.

Casual office situation in a fancy loft
29 August 2023 | Security

How to Implement a Zero Trust Security Strategy

Discover common pitfalls to avoid when implementing a Zero Trust security strategy and ten essential steps.

Fancy office in warm tones with wooden floors and some office workers in it
08 August 2023 | Security

Zero Trust Security in 2023: from hype to reality

Find out why the Zero Trust approach is more relevant in today’s world of digital transformation and hybrid work.

Digital cloud world
08 June 2023 | Security

How does micro-segmentation work and slow down attackers?

What is micro-segmentation, and how does it protect your enterprise from malicious activity and cyber threats?

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